“Natsuzora” looks exactly like ?? Suzu Hirose Shizuoka was born “legendary girl” 8 photos of youth era-BEST 5 in the first half of 2019

2019 In the first half of the year (January to June), we will announce the top 5 articles that had a great response on Bunchun Online. The second place in the entertainment category is here! (Initial release date 2019 May 6th). **** NHK’s morning drama “Natsuzora” entered the 6th week. Heroine Natsu Okuhara is struggling with dairy farming and theater while attending an agricultural high school in Tokachi, Hokkaido, surrounded by nature. The main character, Suzu Hirose 20, plays high-school students with a healthy and growing image. When the interview team visited Shizuoka, where Hirose was born and raised, he ran up from a debut to a national actress. . “Hit the ball in front of the house in a jersey” Natsu, who lost her parents in the war and was brought to the Shibata family in Hokkaido, was the eldest son of the Shibata family, Teruo (Sho Kiyohara), the same eldest daughter, Yumiko (Fukuchi Momoko), and the second daughter, Akemi (Nana Hirao). Grow with them. Hirose himself was born into a self-employed house that continued from his grandfather’s generation and grew up as the youngest of three brothers. Hirose spent his childhood in a scenic area rich in nature surrounded by Suruga Bay and mountains. Talked by neighboring residents of Hirose’s birthplace. “Suzu-chan was an active child. I could say“ Good morning, ”and I could say“ Good morning. Dad and mom are also famous beauty and beauty in this area, and older brother is handsome. 】 I was close to 4 years older sister (Alice Hirose 24), and I went out to the neighborhood candy shop by riding two people. I remember being a spoiled boy and always following her sister. Dandy Grandpa with white hair, like Masao Kusakari, who appeared in the drama, often came to his house until he died, and played and ate with Tin-chan. Among the classmates, Hirose said “I want to be stronger” During the play, Natsuka joined the theater club, but Hirose actually died in basketball and drove the weak team to the prefectural tournament. The teacher of the mini-basketball team at that time looks back at nostalgia. “I used to play basketball in elementary school. It was very thin and small, and the position was guard. The ball-carrying ability was so good that I could see the movement of people well. When I was 5 years old, I was a very weak team and I had to lose and cry several times. One day, Tin said, “I want to be stronger,” so I said, “I ’ll be harder.” After that, I practiced schoolyard 20 laps (4km) at a pace of 5 days a week, and 6 hours practice 20 days during summer vacation. The team became stronger, and we won 200 points in the city tournament and won a big victory. In elementary school, basketball club uniforms
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