Kimura Fumino, caring for a talk without talking about a blackout during the NHK “Sagideca” starring drama

Actress Fumino Kimura starring in NHK in Shibuya, Tokyo 20, starts on 31 Sunday, every Saturday after 9: 00 Attend the general gathering (5 times in a row). Suddenly during the interview, an accident occurred that caused a power outage, and while NHK officials were unable to grasp the situation, Kimura was willing to take the initiative and connect with the talk. This work is an original work based on interviews. “Transfer fraud” and “Refund fraud”, the tricks of citizens with this hand, special fraud criminals who steal a large amount of money, while closely adhering to the circumstances of both deceiving and deceiving, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Division 2 Draw offense and defense of police and fraudsters such as Imamiya (Kimura). Kimura says from the first greeting, “I think there is an image of criminal things: good or bad, 0 100, white or black. I think that it is a story about what you believe and stick through.Through this work, it is very difficult, but important and must not be forgotten to stick to the belief that you think. I learned, “he said. In the middle of it, it suddenly faded, and Kimura laughed, “Surprise? Is it because you talked too much? While the NHK staff was moving to grasp the situation, Kimura was talking casually, “I took a picture in a burning hell on the day when it was said to be dangerous to go outdoors.” When it was found that it would not recover immediately, the conference continued in the darkness of emergency lights only. Kimura is the first criminal in the Investigation Division, “If you think that it is the story next to you, based on a thorough investigation. The development is speedy as a drama. It was. □ One of the offenders of special scams, Masahiro Takasugi, attended the conference.
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