ZDF television garden after Luke Mockridge

In today’s ZDF television garden, Kiwi no longer commented on Luke Mockridge’s scandalous appearance a week ago – rather, she revealed amazingly intimate details of her past. already at the end. The big scandal did not happen today. This should especially rejoice moderator Kiewel, which was fittingly fit for today’s Schlager motto in a good mood. Riccardo Simonetti a competition against the musicians voXXclub, which stands like the entire program in the sign of the so-called “big quake”. He bet that his jumpers on the trampolines would make a bigger quake than the musicians – and kept (oh, wonder!) Right. “The Masked Singer” is a term must not be missing in today’s hit garden. (***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) After the small discourse on the sewing machine Kiwi announces the next musical guest to: Bernhard Brink is the epitome of “Schlager deluxe”. as dusty and stale stamped leisure activity: sewing. A topic for which apparently many users burn on social networks: Update 13. (**************************************************************) Clock: whether that was intended? After a few jumpers on trampolines have spent again, Kiwi tells the guest Riccardo Simonetti a slippery secret. Actually, her last name is Mathyssek, as she tells – and she adds that she used to be called “Andrea Mattensex”. Riccardo seems to like that pretty well: “Haha, he was good, Andrea! And Riccardo countered smoothly: “So if you want to engage in an erotic career, I would be fine.” Update 13. Clock: The comedian Simon Stäblein tries to entertain the audience in a more sophisticated way than Luke Mockridge a few days ago. Almost it would have failed – because he too makes fun of older people and is confronted one time or another with an infatuated silence. However, a scandal like Luke Mockridge remains out. His jokes about the younger generation, in turn, does not reach everyone’s on Twitter. Above all, the statement “young people have no more hobbies” seems to bother a user. So he counters in a post: “We tweet about the shit you talk.” Update On Twitter, however, some seem to wait just for a moment: ZDF TV Garden after Luke Mockridge: Fans react haemischUpdate (********************************************************************************) Clock: The ZDF seems to make the surprising incident that occurred a few days ago in the live show, apparently the best undone. Kiwi comes to the camera with a beaming smile – if you only see this show, you might actually think it was never something. This impression seems to share some Twitter users: “Yes ZDF, on Luke Mockridge you skin the pure, musical peace, joy, pancake out with the Kasthelruther sparrows …. also an answer,” is the tweet of a user with vocal ironic undertone. Jawohl @ZDF on the @lukemockridge you skin the pure musical peace, joy pancake out with the Kastelruther Spatzen .. also ne answer #zdf #zdffernsehgarten #lukegate #lukemockridge #daspublikumistnewucht # lautkiwi- Sven Benz (@svenbenz) August 25, 2019 More users are reacting to today’s program with a great deal of malice – especially the music selection, especially the trampoline show, causes a lot of irritation. Kiwi also seems to be reminiscent of Heidi Klum and her Tom Kaulitz, some in combination with their guest today, Riccardo Simonetti. Whoa! The choice of music at #Fernsehgarten is otherwise already bad, but today … WOW !!! pic.twitter.com/uGk9GioBbt- Diamondscop 77 (@diamantencop 77) August 25, 2019 – Benny Illinger (@IllIllgner) August 25, 2019 And even some media do not let a good hair on the show: Luke #Mockridge is in the # ZDF- #Fernsehgarten “has mocked itself and the public, Mely Kiyak says:” He has met the quality standard of the broadcast. “Https://t.co/0YXqfMVXOR pic.twitter.com/axeX(************************) edNz- TIME ONLINE (@timeonline) August 25, 2019 Whether you are longtime and passionate TVgarten “spectator is or is not – today’s show seems to be designed to emphasize serene mood and repress the events of last week, but some users still think that the mischievous mockery and the hate of many media outlets and television networks individual users are not appropriate: public broadcasting is included, # seniors are a part of Because of the #zdffernsehgarten has his authority. I have to dislike the program, but these complaints in #leitmedien I find questionable. #mockridge #lukemockridge #ZDF #TV # ÖRR- Immo Erik Hagemann (@ManVersusMedia) August 22, 2019 ZDF television garden after Luke Mockridge: Sun Kiwi reactedThe ZDF television garden started on Sunday in the old tradition 11. 50 Clock. Fans had eagerly awaited Andrea Kiewel’s inauguration – because many had speculated in advance that they might go back to the scandal that comedian Luke Mockridge had put down a week ago. Andrea Kiewel with bitter comment: Swipe at Luke Mockridge? But except for the small subordinate sentence “Phew, what a week – can you imagine, right?”, The longtime presenter limited herself to introduce today’s guests and the audience on one to prepare a common earthquake, that one wanted to create with common footstalking and individual acts. Finally, the Kastelruther Spatzen are responsible for the musical introduction. Report from 24. August: ZDF television garden live on TV today – fans are only interested in a detailDer ZDF television garden is also on Sunday again in the sign of the pop music – not all fans were enthusiastic about it in advance. On the Facebook page, a user criticized that the “TV Garden is more and more a hit garden”. ZDF was not deterred by this and highlighted in a post now the entertainer, blogger and presenter Riccardo Simonetti as a special guest – one expects from this a “great spectator action”. For varied, musical acts continue to hit stars such as the Kastelruther Spatzen, Boore, Guildo Horn, Bernhard Brink, dArtagnan, Stefanie Hertel & Dirndl Rock Band, Vincent Gross, Die Grubertaler, Claudia Jung, Marry and voXXclub care. ZDF television garden today on TV: Luke Mockridge dominates the public discourseThe program seems to be on the average for most fans but rather incidental. Rather, the relevant social networks eagerly rumored about a possible surprise appearance – by no less a Luke Mockridge. As a reminder: The entertainer and comedian, who is currently one of the most successful of his squad, had just made a memorable appearance in the ZDF television garden a week ago, in which he fired jokes at kindergarten level and left the audience speechless, yes, annoyed. Andrea Kiewel, who hosted the well-known show for almost 20 years, eventually broke off his appearance but could not hide her anger about it and said in the broadcast: “Me consider this the worst way behavior can be between colleagues. Shame on you, Luke Mockridge. Never ever again. “ZDF television garden: appearance of Luke Mockridge continues to poralize Many users seem to share the annoyance of Kiewel:” Luke has gone beyond the boundaries of good taste, “comments a user above Facebook post. Others seem to have come up with a pleasant surprise and state that they will only turn on when Luke re-enters the stage. Some users are spreading the rumor that the show is being sidetracked by others – but there is disagreement over who is responsible could. It will be interesting to see if there is another sensation lurking today or if the audience is really just able to see and hear what the ZDF Fernsehgarten is promoting: entertainment and good music. sl
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