Mick Dukur publishes a sincere photo of his wife on the wedding anniversary

2019. September 2, 14: 44 PHOTOS: Linda Ofelia Rutule / Publicity photo Domestic musician Mick Dukur publicly greets his beloved woman and baby mother on social networks On the seventh wedding anniversary of the laurel, announcing a moving scene from the joyful event. “Seven years ago, a very serious young man married a very serious young woman. And they are still very much in love and still married. Cheers! “For love!” Commented Dagmar Legante, event director and photographer. As previously reported, Michael and Laura found themselves in a marina port 2012. at the end of summer. 2016. March the birth of the couple’s first born – son Franklin.In turn, this year 23. May evening, Mick announced on social networks that he has become the father of two children. The girl’s parents gave the name Melania.Up
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