Sister-in-law of Michael Schumacher shares picture: Irrer suspicion

                                      Sister-in-law of Michael Schumacher shares picture: Fans have mistaken suspicion                                at the 04.09.2019 04: Michael Schumacher and his brother Ralf. Michael’s sister-in-law is posting a picture on Instagram that is confusing. Photo: imago images                          What should this photo mean? A photo of Cora Schumacher, the sister-in-law of Michael Schumacher is currently causing heated discussions among the fans. But what does the picture show us?     Here details: She puts her head on his shoulder and smiles happily at the camera. He grins over his ears, visibly happy. What sounds like a Turtelromanze à la Hollywood is an Instagram post by Cora Schumacher with her ex Ralf, the brother of “Formula 1” legend Michael Schumacher.     The sister-in-law of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher is just snapping a little sensation.     Because after the supposed dispute – the couple was married from 2001 to 2015 and then divorced – seem to Cora and the brother of Michael Schumacher now reconciled again , And maybe not only that.     Sister-in-law of Michael Schumacher shares surprising photo     Together, the former “Celebrity Big Brother” candidate and the racing driver paid a visit to a restaurant in Salzburg. To the picture added the 42 – year old hashtags like “Family”, “Home Sweet Home”, Austria “and” Love “. Especially the last hashtag caught the eye of the fans. You comment:                           “When you look at it you might think you are reunited.” “Together, what belongs together. Stay together, what holds together. I’d wish a happy ending for you. “” Love Comeback “” No matter what that is between you, I wish you all the best. “” Beautiful picture, whether together or not. “” You both have been a great couple , And what you love, you release, it comes back, it stays forever. “Cora Schumacher is addressed on love comeback     But even if their followers would like nothing more than a love reunion, Cora Schumacher keeps a public happy ending open.     ————————————      • More topics:     Michael Schumacher: Emotional Statement – Fans are sad     Michael Schumacher: Close confidant reveals goose bumps moment – “Emotional moment when I saw …”     • Top news of the day:     Weather: Thunderstorm danger increases – Kachelmann warns against dangerous erroneous beliefs     Asteroid: Giant “God of Chaos” is flying towards Earth – “Currently have no defense”     ————————————-     Cora Schumacher says to the photo     In an interview with RTL, Cora Schumacher explains about the photo:     “In recent months and years has always been reported how bad the relationship between Ralf and me is alleged. That’s why we wanted to set a mark with this photo. In fact, our relationship is completely alright, contrary to all prophecies. ”     ———————-     This is Michael Schumacher:     Michael Schumacher was born on January 3 1969 in Hürth (NRW) He is the most successful driver of Formula 1 history He holds the records of 7 world championship titles, 91 Victory, 155 podium finishes and 77 fastest race lapsAm 29. December 2013 Michael Schumacher suffered a severe traumatic brain injury during a skiing accident in Meribel, France ———————- —     Father of her son love her “always somewhere”     On top of that she admits to love the father of her son David (04) “always somewhere”, because after all he is still her family.                           +++ Michael Schumacher: Good friend visits Schumi – and reveals what no fan knows … +++     New love attempt with Ralf? So vague is Cora’s answer     Can one speak of new love here?     +++ Lidl: This cheap product performs better than the ten times more expensive brand +++     Cora has only one – somewhat vague – answer: “There are many forms of love. Whether this is a friendly basis, whether the one, if I may say so, is a sexual basis or whatever – I would not like to think about it now.     +++ Marteria & Casper concert canceled in Essen +++ LED wall crashes in quantity +++     Is the chapter Ralf and Cora not finished yet? ”     Well, then the love chapter Cora-Ralf is perhaps not yet completed and the romance à la Hollywood is in a new love round. (JHE)     
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