Difference in the Monthly Ration of Nagita Slavina and Amy Qanita, Ms. Raffi Ahmad Demolished Feni Rose?

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Far different monthly rations Nagita Slavina and Amy Qanita, Raffi Ahmad’s mother, called Indonesia’s richest artist. Presenter Raffi Ahmad played the role of head of the family replacing his late father. He tried to always meet the needs of his family from his wife Nagita Slavina to his mother, Amy Qanita. But Raffi Ahmad’s leak gave a different monthly ration for Nagita Slavina and Mama Amy Qanita. Raffi Ahmad’s mother had revealed the monthly allowance given by the child. Read: Fainted Ussy Sulistiawaty Arguing with Andhika Pratama Demolished Daughter Amel and Ara Read: Reply Elza Syarief Melaney Ricardo Called Loss Loss Angarah Nikita Mirzani at the Paris Hotman Event Recently, Nagita Slavina’s mother-in-law Mama Amy leaked the monthly amount the child gave. Despite leaking her monthly allowance, Mama Amy seemed reluctant to reveal further the needs bought using the money. Launching from a video uploaded to the Trans TV YouTube account on Thursday (5/9 / 2019), Mama Amy Qanita said the monthly allowance given by the child, Raffi Ahmad. This was revealed when Feni Rose as the host of Rumpi asked about the monthly ration given by Raffi Ahmad to Mama Amy. “Does Mama Amy like to be given money or not?” asked Feni Rose. “It is given if mama because boys can give their own children,” added Mama Amy.
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