Home Art Czech Singer (46) Strengthens Again: Engagement With 16 Years ?!

Czech Singer (46) Strengthens Again: Engagement With 16 Years ?!

Czech Singer (46) Strengthens Again: Engagement With 16 Years ?!

It seems that Czech singer Bohuš Matuš has suffered a lot because of his under-age love. Despite the disapproving reactions of the public or Lucka’s family, they do not conceal the fact that they would like to settle with the young blonde in the future or even start a family. The reaction of the surroundings did not wait long. On his singer some of his fans did not leave the thread dry and properly loaded him for his appetites for a young beauty. Bohuš Matuš and his only 16 – one-year-old girlfriend Lucka.             Source: Facebook B.M. But neither did he deter him, nor did he love him. After a brief pause, they show up again to the public and do not conceal their plans for the future. Recently, the singer even said he would like to start a family with Lucka. And since his chosen one is only sixteen years old, the singer has no understanding. Most recently, however, he was shocked to say that he would like to turn Lucky into Mrs. Matušová. Her finger is already decorated with a beautiful ring for which the singer has made considerable money. But he does not regret the investment. In the future, he would like to invest even more in his girlfriend and return to the jewel that every woman longs for. “But he’ll have to wait for a while. I would certainly like to marry her, but maybe in a year, we’ll see, ”the singer confided to the Czech portal Extra.cz. His girlfriend is only 16 years old and if her parents would not allow otherwise, the couple would have to wait until the bride is of age. Whether Lucky eventually becomes a young bride and whether the singer finally says yes, it will show time. Do you think that Bohuš Matuš will eventually marry Lucka as his wife?
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