Melendi and her girl get married on Asturias Day: this was the beautiful link

A day later than ‘planned’, but Melendi is already a married man. The artist and the one who has been his life partner for almost five years, Argentina’s Julia Nakamatsu, finally gave themselves the ‘yes I want’ this Sunday, and not on Saturday as they made the media believe at first . The date chosen is not accidental, because the singer, whose sentimental relationship with his homeland has always been very strong, wanted to take this important step for his relationship during Asturias Day. And despite the zeal and privacy with which he tried to organize the event, several photographs of the link have already been leaked, which took place in the stunning Castillo de Batres (and not in an estate in El Escorial, as was believed), located in the south of the Community of Madrid, bordering the province of Toledo. It is a dream place in the middle of nature, crowned by the aforementioned Renaissance building surrounded by beautiful gardens. The good weather also allowed that both the cocktail and the treat could be developed abroad, where luxuriously decorated tables, loaded with wild flowers and glassware, had been prepared. The images that are already circulating on social networks have revealed the styles chosen by the couple, which show a balance between the traditional and the casual. Well, although Julia chose a classic white dress signed by the designer Rosa Clará, in a mermaid style, with lace and spectacular neckline at the back, the singer preferred to wear a more casual look, opting for pants, shirt and black tie , and to give a touch of color to the outfit, a belt in bright fuchsia tones. Of course, after the ceremony and the party started, the Asturian artist chose to put on something more comfortable, pulling on a white shirt and printed pants. Instagram Much of the expectation the wedding has focused on was the list of expected guests, and some of whom accessed the castle grounds in tinted window vehicles. The attendance to the appointment of names of the world of music like David Bisbal, Vanesa Martín or Arkano was confirmed yesterday, although there was also some absence sounded like that of Alejandro Sanz, who was in Miami due to his professional commitments. As for the ‘star couple’, formed by Malú and Albert Rivera, the truth is that it has not yet been possible to find out if they were there, as they were expected to do. See this post on Instagram 🍰💍 A shared publication of warrior always🤘🏼 (@melendi_cdfs) on 8 Sep, 2019 at 9: 20 PDT On the other hand, through the graphic material that has been shared, it has been possible to know some of the highlights of the evening, such as the passionate kiss that the newlyweds took before the banquet or the traditional cake cut (of four floors), with long knife and ‘cream stick’ on the nose of the bride included. The subsequent party, as you can see, was also the most cane: Melendi and her girl did not hesitate to take the stage with several musicians and start giving the percussion instruments with great enthusiasm. See this post on Instagram 😍😍 A shared publication of warrior always🤘🏼 (@melendi_cdfs) on 8 Sep, 2019 at 2: 07 PDT But there was also room for the romantic, because in several of the published clips, the singer appears intoning some of his best ballads (and asking the public for choirs in his mythical ‘Your Garden with Dwarfs’). All an unforgettable day, without a doubt, the one that the marriage lived yesterday, that in addition to the years of love that count since they met (precisely in the filming of a video clip of the singer, ‘The promise’), have already begun to form a family: five months ago her little April was born, the couple’s first common baby.
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