Home News Technology Intensified cleaning of yards and grounds for dengue control

Intensified cleaning of yards and grounds for dengue control

Intensified cleaning of yards and grounds for dengue control

                                        The Foz do Iguaçu City Hall is promoting another cleanup task force this Wednesday (18). This time, the action takes place in a vacant lot located in the region of the Portes neighborhood, an area with several outbreaks of the dengue mosquito. Teams from the Department of Health, Environment, Works, Farm with the support of Patronato have been in place since early morning to perform the cleaning. The work includes collecting rubble and disposable materials, recovering a stream that crosses the ground, as well as clearing galleries and recovering shackles. Due to the excess of accumulated garbage, the river infrastructure was badly damaged. The action is coordinated by the Municipal Dengue Prevention and Control Committee and aims to stop the dengue cycle and prevent the various risks of diseases transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. This area was notified by agents of the Zoonosis Control Center (CCZ) during active search work. The Secretariat of Finance will charge the landowner. The fine may range from $ 76, 80 to $ 7. 680, 00. Intensification Since last year, the city has been intensifying the task of cleaning tasks. In all, more than 110 vacant land has been cleared this year with the removal of over 7. 700 tons of waste. The work of environmental recovery and health prevention also gained a lot of strength with the Selective Collection Program. In recent weeks, the program has recovered more than 250 tons of reusable waste. Action is critical given that about 80% of mosquito breeding sites are in homes and land and are found in plastic containers such as bottles, cans, lids, scrap and debris. of construction. Alert Although Foz do Iguaçu is classified as low risk in the last Aedes aegypti Rapid Index Survey (LIRAa), obtaining the index of 0, 62 IIP Building Infestation), the city reinforces the alert to the population to redouble the care to combat dengue. This is because the city considers another indicator for mosquito control: the IPA (House Trap Index). Unique and internationally recognized technology takes adult mosquito samples into account and analyzes existing vectors. According to the IPA every 100 traps, in almost nine there was capture of mosquitoes, being the municipality in “HIGH RISK” for epidemics of diseases transmitted by Aedes. In the last LIRAa published this week, laboratory tests showed three positive mosquito samples, one containing Zika virus, collected from Jd. São Paulo, two containing Dengue virus – DENV-4 in Jd. America, and DENV-2 in Pq. Morumbi III. The latest epidemiological bulletin reports 377 dengue notifications, with 18 confirmed cases and no deaths. There are also no confirmed cases of Chikungunya or Zika Virus.                 
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