Queen Elisabeth II: this is why she closed the bar of the royal palace

 Queen Elizabeth II @ Blasting NewsThe Buckingham Palace is a real small town. In the series “Secrets of the Royal Palaces”, broadcast on Channel 5 we learn that Queen Elizabeth II has made available to its employees several facilities including a bar. At the last news, the monarch was forced to close the bar. A small village in a big city, one would say. The series “Secrets of Royal Palaces”, broadcast on Channel 5 has revealed how much Queen Elizabeth II wants to put its employees in good conditions. This series revealed behind the scenes of the Royal Palace with several facilities available to staff such as: a swimming pool, a medical office for emergency operations and including a bar.According to Dick Arbiter, former press officer of the Queen, this bar was finally closed by Queen Elizabeth II. For good reason, some employees spent far too much time getting drunk. But what seems more surprising in the number of infrastructures, is the revelation of the installation by the queen of a rather funny object in the residence London since it does not make use of it during its displacements: a vending machine of tickets, in one of the many rooms of the Palace.
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