Adventures around the world with 007

The last Bond Daniel Craig will return in April 2020 as a secret agent already retired in No Time to Die, the twenty-fifth and final film of the longest-running saga of cinema (and the fifth starring by the British actor), which will have as stages the Faroe Islands, Jamaica, Matera (Italy) and the Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsvegen), on the coast of Norway. In it, British actress Lashana Lynch inherits the license to kill from the mythical 007, and the Prince Charles of England will play a small role. enlarge photo The Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsvegen), on the coast of Norway. Terje Rakke Nordic Life AS Fjord Norge On the beaches of Jamaica Bond’s first trip was to Crab Key Beach, the beach in northeastern Jamaica where Ursula Andress emerged from the water like Botticelli’s Venus with her mythical white two-piece swimsuit in Agent 007 against Dr. No, with Sean Connery in the role of Bond. East of there, in Port Antonio, lived British writer Ian Fleming, creator of the super spy. Goldeneye, his former village, which celluloid celebrities and literature like Elizabeth Taylor or the writer Truman Capote went through, is now part of a luxury resort. Between 1953 and 1966, Fleming wrote there 12 Novels and nine stories about 007. enlarge photo Actress Ursula Andress with her mythical white bikini in the movie ‘Agent 007 against Dr. Do not’. Silver Screen Collection Getty Images Before becoming a novelist, Fleming had also been a secret agent, like his literary alter ego. For a time he worked as a journalist for the Reuters news agency, which included a period in Moscow of 1933. Shortly before World War II he was recruited as a naval intelligence officer. Endowed for fabulation, he specialized in deception operations; to him is the idea of ​​creating a false identity for a corpse and then leaving it at sea with false secret documents: Operation Mincemeat (Operation Hash, a plot to mislead Hitler and Mussolini on the real objectives of the Allied landing in the south of Europe. enlarge photo British writer and ex-spy Ian Fleming, creator of the character of James Bond. Horst Tappe Getty Images The most pop bond In 1966 the film was released 007 at the service of Her Majesty, the only one from James Bond played by George Lazenby and, according to some, the best in the series, partly because of her pop aesthetics. Directed by Peter Hunt, one of his most exciting sequences has the Schilthorn, the peak crowned by the world’s first revolving restaurant, Piz Gloria (at 2. 971 meters). enlarge photo The actor George Lazenby and several actresses from the cast of ‘007 at the service of His Majesty’, inside the revolving restaurant Piz Gloria (Switzerland). apic Getty Images Moore, Roger Moore Damnoen Saduak’s floating market in Ratchabury, about eighty kilometers southwest of Bangkok, appeared as the scene of a frantic outboard chase in the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), with Roger Moore in the role of 007. The islet of Koh Tapu, in Phan Nga Bay, in the Andaman Sea (Thailand) also appears in the film. The tourist office of the Asian country and travel agencies did not miss the opportunity, renamed it in their brochures and promotional campaigns as “James Bond Island”. enlarge photo Koh Tapu islet in Phan Nga Bay, in the Andaman Sea (Thailand). Ingolf Pompe / LOOK-photo Getty Images Roger Moore, the actor who has most often played Bond (seven), also traveled to the Iguazu Falls (Argentina and Brazil), where the evil Drax has the launching base of his spaceships in Moonraker (1979), the first adventure of 007 that takes place in space, and at the Taj Lake Palace hotel in Udaipur, a palace in the middle of a lake in northern India, where he was staying in Octopussy (1983). enlarge photo Ice floes on Jokulsarlon glacier lake in Iceland. Daniel Viñé García Getty Images The real James Bond Ian Fleming borrowed the name for his character from the American ornithologist James Bond, author of the Bird Guide A Field Guide to the Birds of the West Indies. In Die Another Day (2002), it looks like Pierce Brosnan, playing the fictional Bond, who pretends to be an ornithologist, flips through the bird guide in a sequence set in Havana (Cuba) and shot in Cádiz (Spain). Other sequences of the same film were shot in Jokursarlon, a huge glacier lake in Iceland. enlarge photo Arecibo radio telescope, north of Puerto Rico. Juan C. Cruz / EyeEm Getty Images The giant radio telescope that came out in the movie GoldenEye (1995), the first of four starring Pierce Brosnan, is located in Arecibo, north of Puerto Rico. Some exteriors of The world were never filmed in Spain (1999), where the area of ​​the Callejones de Las Majadas (Cuenca) passes through being Azerbaijan and the desert from Las Bardenas, in Navarra, Kazakhstan. enlarge photo Head of Medusa in the Basilica Cistern, the submerged palace (Yerebatan Sarayi) of Istanbul. Petekarici Getty Images From Russia with love In the spa town of Karlovy Vary, in the Czech Republic, the poker game of Casino Royale (2006) was held, the first film in the Bond saga starring Daniel Craig. For the scenes of Venice, the producers had to get a special permit for the Spirit 54, Bond’s yacht In the film, I could navigate the Grand Canal. It was not the first time that 007 visited the city of the canals: it had been before, in Sean Connery’s avatar and with actress Daniela Bianchi as the beautiful Russian spy Tatiana Romanova, in From Russia with love (1963), the second installment, and for many the best, of the Bond series, where there is also the Basilica Cistern, the submerged palace (Yerebatan Sarayi) of Istanbul, an impressive water tank, with 80. 000 capacity cubic meters, built by Constantine and restored by Justinian in 542. enlarge photo Two young people dressed as skulls in the Mexico City Day of the Dead parade. Tristan Savatier Getty Images A museum in the Alps Skyfall (2012), the 23 ª movie of 007, directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty), takes place in Shanghai, Scotland and Istanbul, between other places. In it, Javier Bardem played the evil Raoul Silva. Specter (2015) was the fourth time that Daniel Craig was wearing the most famous secret agent costume of the cinema. His filming included a supposed Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City – a celebration that did not exist before – and was so successful that it has become a real party. In 2018 a new immersive museum dedicated to Bond films was inaugurated. 007 Elements is located in Sölden, in the Austrian Alps, at the summit of Gaislachkogl mountain , at 3. 048 meters above sea level, near where Specter was filmed.
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