“But it's Emma!” The first release of Emma Marrone after the intervention. The photos

Just over a week ago, with a post on Instagram, Emma Marrone announced to her fans a recent health problem that would have surprised her. The singer made her debut by posting a photo featuring the quote from John Lennon: “Life is what happens to you when you are intent on making other plans”. Then a description of the photo follows: “This was not the right time, but in certain cases no time would have been. From Monday I have to stop to face a health problem. I tell you personally to reassure you and not to create unnecessary alarmism “. Following the bad news, dozens of news reports about alleged medical records of Emma Marrone or the nature of her illness started circulating on the web. A week after the announcement, the singer from Salento announced that she had made an operation and was feeling calm about it. Her staff then subsequently specified that the only reliable source regarding the matter is represented by Emma’s official channels, so all the superstitions that have been circulating for days bouncing from newspaper to newspaper. Following the success of Operation Emma, ​​a day in the open air was finally granted, which the paparazzi did not fail to capture. Guess how it was pinched? Intent on an invigorating shopping session, as it should be. Emma Marrone has proven to be serene and peaceful on several occasions, and encourages all fans to do the same: “I promise you I will come back stronger than before! There are too many beautiful things to live together. Now I close the accounts once and for all with this story and then come back to you. Thank you and be peaceful indeed … Everything will be fine! Emma. ❤️ “. We wish this great woman and artist to recover as soon as possible: courage Emma, ​​how beautiful are the children of Lorella Cuccarini. Sara, Giovanni and the twins Chiara and Giorgio
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