Home Art The new season of one of the best series of recent times comes to Netflix

The new season of one of the best series of recent times comes to Netflix

The new season of one of the best series of recent times comes to Netflix

                  Netflix in October is loaded with good series and movies. There are a couple of main courses, and one of them is the premiere of one of the best series of recent years, which is already available on the platform. Peaky Blinders returns with a fifth season that promises a lot of strong emotions. As we say, October is presented as a good month for fans of series and movies on both Netflix and HBO. The Road is the Breaking Bad movie that continues the facts of the series, and although it is a movie, Netflix has it listed as a hybrid between series and film (as if it were a long chapter of the series with the “ ending ” basically). However, Peaky Blinders also returns, a series that began without making much noise and that, little by little, has conquered more users. Peaky Blinders is a series created by Steven Knight, a British writer who has made a few good scripts, but who stood out thanks to Eastern Promises. Peaky Blinders is very different, and Shelby are the absolute protagonists.        The Shelby family, feared in Birmingham, are gypsies who control an equestrian betting shop in the city, as well as a busy pub. They control a large part of the city and its activities, although well known among the authorities, go “unnoticed” due to the dissimulation with which they do things and, above all, because they “spread” the police. Little by little we see how the Shelby are taking control of both the city and the nearby areas, and the most interesting thing is to see how the “ patriarch ” (Cillian Murphy) is changing his personality throughout the four seasons Why is Peaky Blinders one of the best series of recent years? There are several reasons, but it stands out, above all, for a careful setting that is achieved with the accents of the protagonists, with the costumes, the soundtrack, the recreation of the time (after the First World War), by photography, the careful treatment of color and, in addition, for a very particular style of direction.                                             Try HBO Spain for free for a month                 HBO Spain gives 30 free subscription days without commitment of permanence to all its new users. You can cancel whenever you want or keep the subscription for only 7, 99 € per month.                Each season has a director, something that is not usually seen in all series, with directors who change every few chapters, which helps to ensure consistency between all the chapters that make up the season. In addition, it is a series that engages thanks to the superb performances of its protagonists, with a magnificent Cillian Murphy as leader of the Shelby band. The four seasons of Peaky Blinders that were available so far on Netflix can be seen at the stretch, since, as we say, it is a series that hooks. And now comes the fifth season, although it is not complete.                                             Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K                 Amazon already has for sale in Spain the Fire TV Stick compatible with 4K resolution. It releases a new interface and allows you to view content in Ultra HD. In addition, it includes the remote control with Alexa as standard.                BBC is still broadcasting the different episodes of the fifth season of Peaky Blinders, and in a movement similar to what they have done with other series (such as The Good Place, for example), Netflix will broadcast the chapters available so far and, in addition, the new ones that will be released on BBC every week. So, have things to do this weekend, or not, the best thing you can do is watch the fifth season of Peaky Blinders, as it is a real treat.         
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