Admiralty / Haojiao Xiangqi walked through the stealing storm and walked the red carpet. Netizen lost money, “Chaotic pro-Axiang” came.

The 54 TV Golden Bell Awards debut today (5th). The host of the ceremony was run by Huang Zikai, who was the only one to accompany the other guests. Let the Golden Bell be more topical. This year, Star Avenue was hosted by “National Sister” Mary and artist Huang Haoping. The smooth flow of the two men and the smooth hosting made the netizens unanimously praised. After visiting Lan Yuhua and Wu Yuru, the online chat room suddenly “a riot”. It turned out that Haojiaxiang appeared on the scene. Viewing the photo, Haojiao Xiangqi appeared together on the red carpet, Haojiao Xiangqi, and the red carpet, together with Axiang, was originally the “Taiwan Golden Jubilee” hosted by Haozi and Aoxiang, and the “variety” hosted by the old partner A Xiang. The New Era is a short-listed variety show host award. A Xiang, who was afraid of losing the focus on the red carpet, is also surprised to appear on the Avenue of Stars today. ▶▶▶ See more news related to Admiralty:▶▶▶ See more related videos of Admiralty: Haozi and Axiang have a tacit understanding The scene was unveiled in a two-tone suit. A Xiang looks good and his speech is quite lively. It seems that he is quite expecting the result tonight. However, netizens can’t appreciate it. After Axiang’s appearance, they used the message to smash the live chat room screen. Some netizens said that “Haozi people are really good”, and some netizens said that “stealing is still so cool” and more people Quoting the classic name of A Xiang’s wife, “When will the rain stop?”, I want to know the OS of the hostess Mary at the time, and also seal Axiang as “a chaotic pro-Axiang.” Inspecting the photo, A Xiang, and A Xiang, a clever name, was named as “Chaotic Pro-Axiang”. However, some netizens thought that they would give Axiang a chance to return, and even more bluntly said “there are too many people.” It seems that even if Haoyang Xiang has experienced the news storm, the discussion on fans and the Internet is still a fever. Viewing the photo double “A Xiang” backstage interviewed this year’s Golden Bell Awards stars, in addition to a number of awards in the “We and the evil distance” and “Your Child” and other good plays, there are many excellent works competing together. The most immediate report, locking Yahoo Chimo celebrity entertainment.
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