Home Art “Don't you realize that I am talking to someone ?! Is anyone this! It is not done!”

“Don't you realize that I am talking to someone ?! Is anyone this! It is not done!”

“Don't you realize that I am talking to someone ?! Is anyone this! It is not done!”

There are women of very strong personality who have no problem saying everything they think in front of the cameras, and the best example to cite is Moria Casán: the great diva of América TV is characterized by being absolutely frontal, and demonstrated yesterday, when He learned that Silvina Luna had given up Incorrect and dedicated a series of really very, very direct tweets that shook social networks.      Now, who was in the middle of a media debate was Ernestina Pais that He had a strong crossing live and direct with Susana Roccasalvo. It all happened when the actress and journalist was approached by a chronicler of Implacables asking that I would tell him about the supposed clash he starred in days ago, where there would be hit with your vehicle in a stopped car for later, according to authorities police officers, to escape from the place of the fact. While talking to a person in front of the theater where he works, the young woman was upset with the notor who approached him: “Do you not realize that I am talking to someone? Anyone this is not done. Are you airing live now and ask me if I give a note? Can I leave my backpack even? ”Said the exCQC, visibly upset. Given these words, Carlos Monti’s ex-partner was lapidary: “Ernestina knows very well what this is like. She is a woman who sits down every day and thinks about current issues … But well, obviously this accident also mobilized a little ideas about what she has to do and how to behave. ” When the note was finished, the actress left the theater to speak with the chronicler, but did not hesitate to repeat her criticisms. “There are beautiful ways to make notes that are not consistent with this. Never in my life I denied a note to anyone, but this is not done. ‘Che Ernes, are you going live? First check. ‘Yes, of course, I can, ‘” Pais said, then doubled the bet. “I am very well, luckily things get clearer, luckily the girl who, poor thing, I broke an optician… I didn’t kill someone with the car, okay? It’s going crazy when it was a minor accident. This was an argument with a transit agent who was absolutely abusive. That’s why, and after an hour of arguing, when he threatens me with a breathalyzer control … Thanks to the advice of the policeman who was there, who tells me that I didn’t have to do the test, and they take the other car that I was there because of bad parking … I don’t know who I’m talking to, or who is on the other side, ”said Ernestina, visibly angry. And then he added: “I have a function 21. 30, now. I have to put on makeup, they take me out without makeup, it’s a garrón, guys … Susana, she misses me, a mine with TV codes, go ahead. If I was going to give you the same grade. ” Roccasalvo did not remain silent either: “If there is someone who has TV codes, that is me. This is a television channel that puts a mobile and you have a production behind that has to warn you that you have a mobile waiting for you. This is not invasive at all. ” The artist did not hesitate to answer: “You didn’t even let me fix myself a bit. You’re a woman, you’re flirtatious. I arrive without makeup. ” Susana was not overcome by this questioning: “Go quiet, Ernestina, make up and another time we make a note because if it is not going to be done later.” This generated the anger of Country: “I do not understand, I stop to make the note… It is very rare everything. Well, I send you a huge kiss. Bye!”. Closed the dialogue, Roccasalvo was very hard: “Ernestina has been doing for a long time with behaviors that are not good for her career, but they are her problems… No one said she killed a person. To comment from Monday to Friday is all barbaric, now when you have to give an explanation I have to know inside a study that does not arrive makeup.
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