Talaat Zakaria .. Death is absent “cook chef”

   Sky News Arabia – Abu Dhabi Egyptian artist Talaat Zakaria died at the age of age 59 years, where his condition deteriorated during the early hours of dawn Tuesday, and was transferred to a hospital in the 6th of October, where he died there. Azouz Adel, a member of the Syndicate of Representative Professions, announced the death of the artist Talaat Zakaria, after suffering a sudden health illness, pointing out that his family has not yet set the date of the funeral and consolation, according to the site “Masrawy”. The daughter of the artist Amy Talaat Zakaria has announced the transfer of her father to the hospital, asking his fans to pray for him, according to “Al-Ahram” on its website. Artist Talaat Zakaria was born in March 1960 He also starred in several films including “Tabbak El Rayes”, “Sayed El Atefy”, “Haha and Tuffaha”, “Ghoby Minh Feh”, “Kalem Mama”, “El Sayed Abou El Arabi Wasl” and “Halimo Legend of the Beaches” which was shown in cinemas. December. Zakaria also presented to the theater a number of works including “Dory Mai Beans”, “Baba Gab Banana” and “Bo’baa”, as well as a number of serials, including “Mabrouk Galk worry,” “non-deadline” and “control and bring.” The late artist entered a year in a coma as a result of a brain artery injury, but he later recovered from that injury.
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