Exposed Korean actress Cui Xueli suicide police received her death report

                                                                                                                                             Netease Entertainment 10 Month 14 Daily report According to Korean media, this afternoon, the South Korean police said that they “received the death of the artist Shirley and are confirming it”.                                                         Subsequently, the media revealed that it had died. It is reported that Shirley died today, and a colleague working with Shirley discovered Shirley’s body in an apartment in Shoujing District, Chengnan City, Gyeonggi Province this afternoon. The police are investigating the incident and confirming whether there is a suicide note. In addition, the company’s SM Entertainment has not officially stated its position on Shirley’s death. She had repeatedly heated up because she did not wear underwear, walked away, and netizens. According to the information, Cui Xueli (Sulli), 1994 March 29 Born in Busan, South Korea, Korean female singer, actor and host, graduated from Seoul Performing Arts Middle School. 2005 In the year, Cui Xueli joined Korea SM Entertainment Co., Ltd. as a trainee and began a four-year practice. 2007 Year, starred in the action movie “Out of the Boxing Girl.” 2008 Year, starring in the love movie “The Fool”. 2009 On September 5th, he officially debuted as a member of the singing group f(x). 2011 Year, starring in the melodrama “Welcome to The Show.” 2012 Year, starring in the idol love drama “To the beautiful you”; the same year On the day of the month 31, I won the SBS acting award “NEW STAR” award. 2014 Year, starring in the romantic comedy movie “Fashion King”; the same year, starring in the costume action movie “Pirate.” 2015 On August 7, the year announced the withdrawal of the f(x) combination. 2017 On June 28, the starring crime movie “Real” was released in Korea. 2018 I starred in the reality show “Truth Shop” alone. 2019 On June 29, the first solo album “Goblin” was released.               (Editor: Hu Mengyao _NK 5655)                        
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