A bold confession of a Polish celebrity in the show. “I was in the hospital, I was dying”

                                                                                                                                                                                            The material comes from the website:                              Photo: Aleksander Majdański / newspix.pl               Malwina Wędzikowska – Aleksander Majdański / newspix.pl                                                               Malwina Wędzikowska came to the hospital a few months ago. She did not want to reveal what happened and in what condition she was then. Only now did she make a bold confession and inform that she was close to death. If the doctors did not react in time and put her on the operating table, Malwina could die.                                                           Malwina Wędzikowska has been trying to make a career on television for years. Currently, he is one of the faces of the TTV station and specializes in styling other people. A celebrity a few months ago shocked her fans when she posted a photo on Instagram … from the hospital! However, at that time she did not want to reveal what had happened and whether she was sick. You can read more about it HERE. Malwina only now dared to confess that she was in really bad condition at that time and had to hit the operating table quickly. If the doctors did not react in time, she could die.                                                                Malwina Wędzikowska brushed against death. The stylist appeared in the program “Eagle or Head”, which is broadcast on TTV. Together with Dagmara Kaźmierska known from the show “Queens of Life”, they had to spend two days in Berlin and survive there for 100 dollars. During one of the adventures, Dagmara felt worse. Let us remind you that the star suffered a serious car accident a few weeks ago, in which her legs suffered the most. Kaźmierska has to be in a wheelchair before she regains full fitness and it is difficult to crutches. The star fell back and began to cry. This provoked Malwina Wędzikowska into an intimate confession. She told why she was in the hospital.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Almost ready!             Click the “Allow” button to enable notifications that interest you                                                           Thanks, you’ll always be up to date.                                                                                 Do you want to receive notifications?                                           Let nothing pass you by:                 click the green padlock                     go to “Notifications”                     select “Always allow on this site”                                               Let nothing pass you by:                 go to Safari’s “Preferences”                     go to the “Notifications” tab                     select “Allow” for the Onet.pl domain                     refresh the page                                               Let nothing pass you by:                 click the green padlock                     close the “Blocked” message next to “Display notifications”                     refresh the page and allow notifications                                               Let nothing pass you by:                 click the green padlock                     next to “Display notifications”, change the message to “Allow”                                               Finished!                                
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