“You don't have to give people a hard time, you have to give money and …” Diego Reinhold talked about the country's crisis!

     By Agostina Olguin October 21, 2019 11: 01 PM The actor referred to the current situation in the country and was angry. This afternoon, actor Diego Reinhold referred to the situation in the country and was very sharp with everything that has happened so far with the government of Mauricio Macri. “Everything you do for just paying the light… imagine: don’t you think it’s ridiculous and sad to work in a call center to be able to pay for the light? People are afraid to ask for free things, ”he continued.       That was how he turned to one of the candidates for president. “Right now Alberto Fernández needs to win. I need people to have money, for people to come to the theater, ”said the artist who is at the Regina Theater. In that sense he referred to the current management: “It is the lie of capitalism. This idea of ​​freedom and respect among us, ”he began by saying then continue along that same path. Then he made another mention: “There have to be regulations and cracks have to be opened for us to grow. People go to work every day to earn a salary. They watch television and they believe that, and they talk because Ratisalil puts money and idiots people. We are all dying the cows, they filled us with fear, ”he said very bluntly regarding his situation.  “I go on stage and I do what I like, I don’t work. They put me in a system that is a dictatorship: the dollar, the debt. They end up prostituting. You generate work and pollute because the chimneys are on, ”said the artist and added:“ You don’t have to give people a hard time, you have to give money and resources to distribute the wealth. An egg sucks me .. the culture of work ”. “There are people who fall in a call center because they have sustenance and are pathetic. There are people who fall in a slaughterhouse or in the sale of drugs. I am rotten that they call me a worker, so I am against the left, you are minimizing me, you treat me stupid, I am more than a worker, ”he shot and then mentioned:“ You have to get the most out of them. In populist governments I had full theaters, the kids ate, they had computers, ”he concluded.     
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