Kim Pung, a wedding ceremony with a 9-year-old non-celebrity bride

Home>Entertainment>Entertainment (Seoul=News 1) Reporter Go Seung Ah | 2019-10-27 10: 33 Songgo Webtoon Writer Kim Poong © News1 DB Kim Pung 41, a webtoon writer and broadcaster, gets married 27. The wedding takes place at the restaurant of Chef Hyun-Soo Yoo, who was involved in JTBC’s “ Feel Free for Refrigerator ”. Earlier, Kim Pung introduced “I want to be unexposed because I’m hard at work. I’m introverted like me.” Through the Instagram of “I tried to go quietly, but suddenly the article comes up, I’ll let you know. Yes, I’m married,” said the wedding news. On the other hand, Kim Pung announced the name of the history of flakes. In particular, he has been active as a broadcaster, appearing in a number of programs such as ‘The Genius: The Law of Games’, ‘Please take care of the refrigerator’, ‘Happy Together 3’ and ‘Fist and Shaolin Temple’. He is currently on Olive Chicken Road.                                                    
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