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Five interesting facts about the Latvian thriller “Sonata”

Five interesting facts about the Latvian thriller “Sonata”

Transformation into a ghost takes several hours, in ghost roles Latvian children. Although the film’s actor ensemble is mostly international, some roles also feature Latvians. For example, in the movie three ghosts are played by amateur children from Latvia. It took at least two hours for each of them to put on a ghostly makeup and a whole team of make-up artists led by the main makeup artist from France, Oriane Cattiaux. career in academic music. To prepare for this role, Australian actress Freya Tingley has worked hard on the violin, but in a matter of months it has not been possible to refine the violin playing skill that has required professionals for many years. And it was found here – in Latvia. Alina Vasilyeva, who has studied violin since the age of five, is visually very similar to an actress. just a member of the filming team. For example, working at night, one could regularly hear the heavy doors opening and closing themselves in various rooms of Cesvaine Castle. Meanwhile, in the specially designed team office space, heavily attached footage was constantly falling down from the wall. Strange incidents have also occurred on the way to the base in Bīriņi – in the early and rather scary hours of the morning, all radios refused to operate, but the crews of the filming team one after another got stuck in the mud. Similarly, the film production coordinator, who had stayed in the middle of the night after a change in the Cesvaine Palace outdoor area, was trapped between his car and a fairly high roadside, as the car suddenly started to slide. When it seemed that the condition was really serious and had to deal with medical consequences, a miraculous escape took place – at that very moment the castle guard had decided to come out to smoke his only cigarette of the night. He also freed coordinators, pushing the car. Stars without whims; Roger renounces chauffeur servicesThe filmmakers admit that it has been a very interesting experience working with world-famous actors who have had no star whims. All the actors have understood and accepted without hesitation the occasionally less comfortable shooting conditions, and they have been able to use the atmosphere of the Cesvaine Castle in their best way. They include Frey Tingley, James Faulkner, and legendary Dutch actor Rutger Hauer, who is well known to fans of the science-fiction movie Blade Runner. Roger, who played this last role (unfortunately, the actor died after a sudden illness earlier this year), after filming, asked him to rent a car so he could independently travel to Riga to explore some of the most beautiful places on the way. renowned Latvian professionalsThe film team is international – French, Latvian, Lithuanian, British, Byelorussian, American and Russian. Despite the different nationalities, there was a unified team spirit throughout the filming, with the participants working hand in hand. So far, the visual quality of the film has been appreciated – cinematographer Jānis Eglītis has been nominated for the national cinema prize “Lielais Kristaps” in the category “Best cinematographer”. The costumes of the characters of the film were created by the most internationally recognized Latvian fashion brand “MAREUNROL’S.” The roll of advertising of the film.
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