Record balance for operation “All against cancer”

                  I would like to thank all the donor clients, all the owners of donor stores and organizers, and all the teams, volunteers and employees of E. Leclerc who took part in this operation. The 1.3 million euros collected will finance a research program dedicated to cancer of children and adolescents. With the teams of Laetitia Magré who in E.Leclerc centers organizes the major humanitarian and social partnerships of the brand, I received last week Axel Khan, new president of The League against cancer. He explained with enthusiasm, but permanent concern to reassure the use of donations, that this money would better accommodate these young people in units better adapted to their disease. Do you know that every year 2 500 new cases of cancer are diagnosed in children and teens? We must treat them, accompany them, try to preserve their fertility and invent new therapies that will give them hope and confidence. The Ligue contre le cancer is the first independent community fundraiser with (***********) donors and close to 13. 780 volunteers. The League is a real popular movement organized into a federation of 103 departmental committees. We are proud of this partnership of 15 years. Learn more.             
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