Home News Technology Dengue: for the first time, sexual transmission confirmed in Spain

Dengue: for the first time, sexual transmission confirmed in Spain

Dengue: for the first time, sexual transmission confirmed in Spain

A case of sexual transmission of dengue between two men was confirmed Friday by the Spanish health authorities. A first in the world, where we consider that the virus is transmitted by mosquito bite. In an email to AFP, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control confirmed that this Spanish case was “to his knowledge , the first case of sexual transmission of the dengue virus between two men. “A case of probable sexual transmission between a woman and a man had previously been the subject of a (scientific) article in South Korea,” said the Spanish epidemiologist doctor Susana Jimenez, of the General Directorate of Public Health. The case diagnosed in Madrid is “that of a man 41 years contaminated during a relationship with his companion, who had contracted the virus during a trip to Cuba” where he was stung by a mosquito, told AFP Susana Jimenez. The contamination of this man, confirmed in late September, intrigued scientists because he had not traveled to a country where dengue fever is endemic. The impossibility of contamination by a mosquito in Spain was also verified, as no mosquitoes were found on the site where he found himself. “His companion had the same symptoms as him, but lighter, about ten days earlier and had previously traveled to Cuba and the Dominican Republic, “said the doctor. The tests then revealed that both had dengue fever. “An analysis of their sperm was done and it revealed that not only was dengue fever but that it was exactly the same virus that circulates in Cuba,” says Susana Jimenez. And to add: “It’s a discovery, an information of world importance: discover another mechanism of transmission of the virus.” In countries where dengue fever is endemic and where there are mosquitoes that transmit it by biting, ” we can not say that the mode of sexual transmission does not exist, simply, until now, it is not considered because we always thought: ” It’s the mosquito ” “, a- she concluded. The World Health Organization writes on its website that “dengue fever is transmitted by the bite of the Aedes mosquito carrying one of the four dengue viruses.”
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