Guido Süller announced on Twitter the death of “Larva” the most remembered character of ZAP

With the conduction of Marcelo Polino and the presence of media such as Guido Süller and Jacobo Winograd, ZAP is still considered the most bizarre program in the history of Argentine television.The remembered cycle was broadcast in the afternoon in the year 2002 through the Azul Televisión screen, the name with which the channel Nine was called at that time, and without a doubt, one of the most emblematic characters of ZAP was El Larva, a young man who was introduced as the assistant Guido Süller, involved in all kinds of crazy situations, to the rhythm of what the script of the day will mark: from singing a song for Silvia’s brother or defending his love to the tubes. Look also Well, this Thursday afternoon it was Guido himself who reported the sad news: “I want to tell you that yesterday Pablo Turrión died, aka ‘El Larva’,” he wrote on Twitter. The message of Guido Süller on Twitter. The repercussions to his announcement were not long in coming, and many people remembered the song that El Larva performed for Guido, which continues to be viralized almost two decades after the program was released. “The cousin told me. I didn’t see him a couple of years ago. He was a special boy, in the sense that he was a bit troubled. I loved him and he loved me, we respected each other a lot.” Guido told Clarin. He added: “A few months ago he went to try his luck in Santiago, Chile, because here he tried everything but it never went well: he sold alfajores on the trains, orange juice in the corners of the center … And at the beginning of October He called him to the uncle to ask him to pay him a ticket because he needed to return to Buenos Aires. When they went to look for him they found him in a deplorable state of health. “” He was admitted to Fernández Hospital, where he was fighting between life and death It lasted a month and won him death, poor thing, “Guido closed his story. The Larva and his last television appearance, in 2016, invited by Infama. In the year 2016, Pablo reappeared on television after he transcended a video in which he was seen selling alfajores on the Miter line. Invited to Infama, El Larva recalled his years at ZAP and recounted the difficulties he had in moving forward with his life after fame. He worked in two call centers and was a systems analyst for 5 years at the IBM company. And at some point he decided to transvestite and engage in prostitution “for fun”, using the clothes and covers that Guido and Silvia Süller gave him. In addition, in that same report, he said he had serious problems with cocaine addiction and that Although he did several treatments he never recovered. “People recognize me but they have good vibes, they have beautiful memories of me,” Pablo said proudly. Marcelo Polino also expressed his pain after the death of the Larva. “The best of memories,” he wrote. The message of Marcelo Polino dedicated to the Larva.  
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