In Minas, 30% of cities are on alert for Aedes aegypti infestation

                                         Minas Gerais has 242 cities alert for Aedes aegypti infestation, responsible for the transmission of dengue, zika and chikungunya, and 15 at risk of mosquito outbreak. Preliminary figures from October, recorded by the State Health Secretariat (SES-MG) and released on Thursday (7), show that these municipalities are part of the group of 803 who sent information to folder. Others are in “satisfactory” condition 546. Data were obtained through the Aedes aegypti Rapid Index Survey (LIRAa) and the Sample Index Survey (LIA), sampling methods and mapping of infestation indices, in addition to the Aedes albopictus aegypti. According to the secretariat, test breeding sites were grouped into water, household and garbage dumps. According to the publication by SES-MG, water deposits have been identified as predominant breeding sites in 272 municipalities, ie 33% of the municipalities that notified the folder. Household deposits were predominant in 197 (24%) and garbage in 82 (10%). “Municipalities with no deposits found or no information totaled 252,” read the text. “It is noteworthy that Aedes’ focus was found on water deposits in 407 municipalities; 365 municipalities had foci on household deposits and 280 Municipalities presented garbage outbreaks “, completed the publication of the Secretariat. Click here and check it out. Read more: Minas Gerais records the worst October of dengue and warns of new AedesMinas cycle is champion in dengue notifications in 2019; deaths fivefold in the country                                  
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