In video | Claudia Bahamón's father loses his life in a traffic accident on Bolívar roads

Germán Bahamón crashed into a vehicle that carried cattle on the road that leads from Magangué to El Cuatro. A tragic episode enluta the family of the renowned model and television presenter Claudia Bahamón. His father, Germán Bahamón Vanegas, died on Thursday afternoon at La Divina Misericordia Hospital in Magangué (Bolívar), after suffering a spectacular traffic accident at kilometer 47 + 500, on the road that leads from the sector known as the Bongo between the aforementioned population and the village of El Cuatro. The traffic authorities in the department of Bolivar reported that the host’s father was transported in a van owned by Renault Oroch, green, when he collided head-on against a Chevrolet-brand truck, Kodiak line, which was transporting cattle. Bahamón Vanegas was conscious, but trapped between the twisted irons of the vehicle, and as they were able to dwellers of the sector they managed to extract it so that it was transferred by ambulance to the care center, where, as it was known, he entered a cardiorespiratory arrest, and despite the Resuscitation maneuvers of the medical body the businessman passed away. After the collision, the truck of Bahamón Vanegas spilled fuel, which caused it to catch on fire and it was necessary the presence of a fire truck to put out the fire. Among the hypotheses that the Bolivarian authorities handle, a possible microsueño is studied, which would have resulted in the invasion of the lane by one of the drivers, although they did not specify which one. You have enjoyed all the free content of the month that we offer to our visitors We invite you to register at EL HERALDO Enjoy the following benefits: Daily newsletter Unlimited access
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