Home News Technology Paraná confirms 43 new cases of measles in one week

Paraná confirms 43 new cases of measles in one week

Paraná confirms 43 new cases of measles in one week

The Secretary of State of Health released this Thursday (7) another Epidemiological Bulletin with the situation of measles. Last week 43 new cases were confirmed, adding 316 people who have or have had the disease in the state since August. The data show the large increase of cases and the territorial scope of the disease in Paraná. Of the 22 regional health centers, 20 have confirmed or investigative cases. Only the Campo Mourão and Cornélio Procópio regional offices do not report measles reports. “The virus spreads rapidly and measles can have very serious consequences. It is a disease that can seriously compromise health. Complications that a person who has had measles can develop are ear infections, respiratory infections and neurological diseases, reduced mental capacity, deafness, blindness and growth retardation, ”warned Health Secretary Beto Preto. Measles is a highly contagious and easily transmitted viral infection. The most common symptoms of the disease are high fever, cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis, rash (reddish patches of skin that first appear on the face and behind the ear and then spread throughout the body). There may also be headache, malaise and diarrhea. As there is no specific treatment for measles, it is important to be aware of the onset of symptoms. “At the first signs, we indicate that the person seek medical attention for exams and seek to be out of touch with more people until measles is discarded. Do not wait for it to pass or get worse, this is when the disease can be transmitted ”, recommended the secretary. 316 cases are distributed in the following municipalities: 217 in Curitiba; 4 in Admiral Tamandaré; 1 in Araucaria; 1 in Balsa Nova; 2 in Campina Grande do Sul; 3 in Lieutenant’s Field; 8 in Campo Largo; 20 in Colombo; 1 in Fazenda Rio Grande; 1 in Lapa; 1 in Mandirituba; 10 in Pine Forest; 10 in Piraquara; 1 in Four Bars; 5 in Rio Branco do Sul; 11 in São José dos Pinhais; 2 in Castro; 1 in Ponta Grossa; 1 in Irati; 2 in Maringa; 7 in Londrina; 1 in Rolândia; 3 in Carlópolis; 3 in Jacarezinho. Vaccination The Ministry of Health organized the National Measles Vaccination Campaign. The first stage was performed for the public from six months to five incomplete years. The second stage targets young people aged 20 to 29 years. The immunization intensification period for this age range is between 18 to 30 November, with D-day on Saturday. , 30. “To have vaccines throughout the state, we asked the Ministry of Health for more 100 1,000 doses of the triple vaccine, which prevents measles, mumps and rubella. Our biggest concern is for Curitiba and cities with the highest incidence of measles, ”said Secretary Beto Preto. The objective of the campaign is to stop the circulation of the virus and to protect the most affected groups in the country. Every population aged between one and 29 should receive two doses of the triple vaccine. viral and 30 to 49 years, one dose. To find out more about the measles situation in Paraná, visit Epidemiological Bulletin No. 11. With information from State News Agency
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