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The hidden medicine in the cempasuchil

The hidden medicine in the cempasuchil

Citlali Hernández Jiménez, originally from the town of Caltongo de Alcaldía Xochimilco, is the architect of a collection campaign that seeks to boost the recycling of the cempasúchil flower, which will take place until November 23 in the Tláhuac Lighthouse. The idea, according to the woman, emerged in order to solve the fate of this type of organic waste, but also to change the ornamental perspective of the flower that adorns the Day of the Dead par excellence and make it known for its great applications. “This season huge amounts of this plant are thrown because it only has this ornamental vocation and have forgotten the ways in which we can use it in daily life,” he says. Hernández was born in a chinampa and from a very young age he learned to harvest the flowers and take advantage of them. “In my Chinese life, my uncles, grandparents, have given me this knowledge; in diseases we were always treated with herbalism, ”says Hernández. “In particular, the use of cempasúchil is something that I have done on a daily basis. I know it is useful for deworming, stomach upset, flu, mouth cleaning. ” With flowers, Citlali plans, together with her students, to make pest controllers, fertilizers and even textile paint. “The cempasúchil is of the genus tajetes; It has an alkaloid that is used for the control of nematodes, which are bacteria at ground level that can cause fungi, blight or diseases that attack crops, ”says the marketkeeper. The process to make the pest biocontroller is to fill a glass container with petals and alcohol 96, let it stand for 20 days, and finally transfer it to an atomizer. In textiles, cempasúchil can only be used with natural fibers, such as silk, wool and cotton; First, the dried flower is crushed and then boiled with the clothes. In the two days he has been gathering, Citlali says that they have received a lot of support in social networks, but with only an estimated six cubic meters of cempasuchil flower. Jesús Omar Marroquín Hernández Reform Agency You may also like: They threaten to leave traditional cultivation by cempasúchil
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