“They told me that I will be a grandfather” Strong confession of Marcelo Tinelli!

     By Agostina Olguin November 7, 2019 10: 54 PM The driver surprised with his sayings about his future role.  Micaela Tinelli has always maintained a very low profile. Unlike her sister Candelaria, the eldest daughter of Macelo Tinelli has chosen to reserve her private life as much as possible. However, and at the insistence of the press against the wave of rumors that linked her to a famous Xeneize player, the young woman confirmed that she is having a great time with Lisandro López.       “As for the sentimental I am very well. I know Licha. We are getting to know each other. I really like. I don’t like talking about my private life very much. I am very well and that is the important thing, ”said Marcelo’s daughter when she began talking about the unthinkable romance between the player and the businesswoman. Although at some point it was thought that Tinelli was not going to accept him, he sees the young woman very well. Yesterday, Candelaria celebrated her birthday and it was her first official date with the athlete as well as the young woman’s best friends. Apparently, they are better than ever and that is why Marcelo Tinelli has certain expectations that the family will be enlarged with a new member. That was how the driver did not escape the question and expressed his desire to be a grandfather. “My daughters don’t tell me anything, but they predicted that I was going to be a grandfather soon. Before, I didn’t want to because I was a nono ’, but Lorenzo put me somewhere else.” And if the grandson leaves Boca fan? It was the consultation they made him then he replied: “If a grandson comes from Boca, there is no problem. If it comes from a father who is a Boca fan, I will try to fight it from the moment it is in my arms. I have codes for sons. I have faith that this grandson will follow his grandfather, ”he said. Lelé decided to celebrate his birthday at a restaurant in Palermo. There he made the official presentation of the player in front of his friends. However, around three o’clock in the morning Mica and Lisandro had to leave since the xeneize was for Boca’s game against Vélez Sársfield, which will be played next Sunday night. What those present say is that they are very much in love.
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