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5 things that 'produce' manipulation took away

5 things that 'produce' manipulation took away

Mnet ‘Produce X 101’ Survival audition Mnet ‘produce’ series has been manipulated in part, and the day is shocking the public. It was revealed that the call ‘Vote to your boy or girl’ was just marketing, giving the viewers the status of ‘national producer’ and actually selecting the debut team by manipulating the rankings. The relationship between some agencies and the crew is also being revealed, and the disillusionment and collapse of the viewers who thought they were the producers of the debut group are doubling. Why are we, the national producers so angry? ‘Produce’ that took viewers’ time, money and effort In the final selection, the ‘Produce’ series, including Won’s paid voting, was the driving force behind viewers and fandom’s efforts. The desire to debut the trainees I support led to intense votes every time. Because of this, ‘labor’ became ‘labor’. It’s topical, instantaneous viewership, and many indicators soon led to popularity, so everything was included in the competition. Fans commented on the trainees’ stage videos, sound recordings, SNS promotions, and related articles, and pressed hearts. Paid voting, which will decisively affect the debut, was extended not only by own votes, but also by ‘opening’ to the acquaintances and collecting voting events. The background of such labor was only the debut of cheering members, but the operation of ‘produce’ made all of this time and effort a bubble. Viewer deception 2. ‘Produce’ took away the dreams and opportunities of trainees who were eliminated Many trainees who participated in ‘Produce’ came to think of the end of their lives. Among them were those who had experienced anxiety for their idol aspiring ages, had already debuted and failed, and had poor support from a small-scale planner. I went through a rigorous training course to grab the hope that my ranking could go up with my efforts and go through the fierce needle hole. Can we appreciate that eagerness? ‘Produce’ highlighted the trainees’ tears and showed the parents standing on the streets to inform their children’s names. It is a ‘produce’ that confirms that those who are desperate cannot succeed without the background of a capitalist agency, and that effort and ability were not the conditions for achieving dreams. Someone would have had to end his dream at the end of a survival that had no hope like a ‘produce’. Participants in ‘Produce 48’. 3. ‘Produce’ took away the future of debut members Debut members are easy to train for months and less eager to dream. The unknowns and variables existed until the name was called, so they all endured months of mental and physical stress with anxiety. I finally achieved my dream of debut, but what remains of the members is the label of ‘operation’. AEsOne’s comeback activities became virtually impossible, and at the same time X-One debuted, it could not digest its normal schedule itself. In the meantime, the members have become bullets for the fights of adults and criticism from the outside over various issues such as group coercion, dissolution and release. Whatever the decision, all the members who have just blossomed and have only had a chance to recapture are forced to carry the heavy burden of ‘operation’. Fandoms to support them are also shaking significantly. The situation is fluctuating amid disagreements and public criticism on the group’s future direction. The future of star and fandom, based on the experience of unhappiness and anxiety, doesn’t look like a flower road. ‘Produce’ with disgrace on ‘K-Pop’ Mnet’s campaign name for this year’s ‘Produce’ series is ironically ‘We are KPOP’. The proud phrase that Mnet is K-pop is now mocked. K-Pop is building a global fandom beyond Asia. Most idol teams are planning with both domestic and international activities in mind. In addition, overseas fans are affecting K-pop with the same passion and purchasing power as domestic fans. Among them, the ‘Produce’ series, which created the hit idol, was revealed that the broadcast was directed to the operation. Other survival programs, including the ‘produce’ series, have been controversial in handling and neglecting trainees, which can lead to distrust in other upcoming K-pop groups. In particular, K-Pop Group, which builds its fandom through a differentiated view of the world and its original promotion method, has no choice but to hit the overall K-Pop image. Mr. Mnet (CJ ENM) should stop dealing with the hole shop, including the announcement of the ‘morse’ stance. Not only should we apologize to the public for making the operation broadcast under the grand title of ‘national’ producer, but also show a responsible attitude such as measures to prevent recurrence. It should be taken as a group that has grown into a K-pop dinosaur as well as the famous titles of music and entertainment by hitting survival auditions such as ‘Superstar K’, ‘Show Me the Money’ and ‘Produce’. Mnet ‘Produce X 101’ 5. ‘Produce’ that took away the expectation of ‘fair society’ Social aspirations for fairness are greater than ever. The rugged reality created words like “raised playground” and “competition with different starting lines,” and the public’s perception of this became clear. Survival auditions, meanwhile, have sold to the public the expectation of some kind of fair competition. I was willing to spend my time and effort on the idea that a fair opportunity and competition could not be achieved in the real world at a survival audition. But when I took off, there was a glass ceiling made by the bond between money and power. Only if we reconfirm the absurd reality, but the public’s vanity cannot be said. In the end, there was a sense of despair that fair competition was impossible and that equality could not be expected even within the fantasy of TV programs. It was created with the content provided through News1.                            If you select an account, you can leave a comment through login and account verification.
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