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Depression is not a joke! “Eng Kalakon” opens up after clear headlines

Depression is not a joke! “Eng Kalakon” opens up after clear headlines

Former singer-songwriter Enngayakon was even upset when seeing the headlines of one media using a rather harsh message about her body. The news agency said that there was a phone call to apologize personally but Sawan didn’t just want an apology. But need concrete management measures for this case. Most recently, the young woman came to open their minds through the talk show show on channel one 31 with PK Piyawat and Benz Pornchi. The eye is the host Latest news about patients with depression Still not as sad as the headline is so strong? Earn: Bullfrog, it has its meaning. But when it comes to using Earnen as a bullfrog, it’s very clear that there was abuses in this headline. When you first saw, how did you feel? Earn: We are confused why this headline like At that time, Earn went to work to talk about depressed patients. Then he asked to pull Ian out for an interview And in the dialogue that we interviewed was good, it had nothing to do with each other Felt that in the past, when we were in the industry and when we went out of business, we never do anything We feel why we are being hit like this. There was an angry flash. But mostly more disappointed Sorry about the incident Sorry to have the news agency write like this to us. But didn’t regret what he wrote Because he felt that he might not have a good habit He wrote like this. Earnen asks for permission first. Earn is not a star anymore. Therefore, Earnen spoke less like a celebrity. At that time, we wrote down our feelings on Facebook. And we feel that the content inside is not bad But why is this headline like We feel it is a matter of ethics. Clearly, he wanted to call people to read. The second point, people generally do not need depression, hiccups. And especially those with depression The day that Earnen met Suppose that the day that Earn encountered is the day of the heavy down. The day that Earnen hated himself. The thing that makes him headlines makes Enn hurt himself or kill himself. Earnen said that this is not a joke, it is very serious if assuming that today is heal. Earnen is about strong. But yesterday was secretly crying Earnen is about strong. Suppose that the person you meet is not Earn, who is not yet strong, and what will happen? So we asked for the code of conduct. Waiting for someone to die first? Even if they do something, it’s not. Saw that he called Earn: Earn knows about the news around 6 o’clock. There are friends caps to see. Finished around noon or afternoon, do not remember Remember only that the meeting was active. And the reporter who interviewed called He said he apologized personally. He is the author But he didn’t write the headline like that. He passed it on to the reiterator. We were OK. We accepted an apology in person. But he will apologize for the elder I think it’s not We already know that one news story before it came out was through the author, the writer, through the Royal Army, through the brooke. Therefore, this is not a matter of one person. But it is the story of everyone responsible for the news release Now, in the evening, another person calls to say that he is the news leader. There was no apology at all during the initial conversation, saying that the person who should be calling shouldn’t be the younger, should be him. Then came out the word sad But for a long time before this word came out But the tone of voice throughout the conversation we don’t feel Then he tried to flirt and finish it. Now, Enn explained to him how harsh it was. Earn is not the first. Not the last one Before, I wrote to this person like that, Earn feels that it’s not okay. He then asked Earnen with an angry voice that Then what will you get? We told him 3 things: 1. Have him formally write an apology. 2. Every person needs to take measures in handling this responsibility. 3. Is a measure that he must put in place to prevent this from happening to others in the future Because Earnen doesn’t believe that alone will change this world. But it has to start with someone If in the past, Earn said that if he saw news like this, May would hurt himself? Earn: Yes, people with depressive disorders have a similar set of ideas that they feel are worthless. I am not good enough. Now, when it is 2 Like this, in parallel, whatever makes us feel that we are not good enough We have no value It’s quite intense and then very stimulating. Why are we gaining weight because we are taking medication for depression? Earn: Yes, but now the drug has been changed. Earnen has been suffering from depression 20 over the years, which is the first year healed. Drugs that cause weight gain 40 kilos. Here, we and the doctor are feeling too slow. If we realize sooner, we will change the drug a few kilos since it came up. But when we knew it was too slow to change the weight, it came up a lot But once the drug has changed it has stopped The beginning of depression What happen? Earn: Many will have different reasons. Earn will grow up in a very violent family. Parents quarrel Calling children to sit and watch And then ask who you are with Since Enn remembers, the parents have quarreled. Earnen has 3 brothers and sisters. All 3 are: We don’t know what we are. Earn just realized that that was probably the reason when he came to treat a therapist. He sat back on the incident to us. Oh, this is why we are As children we saw images like that How does it make us a person? Earn: Earn is a sensitive person. When we cry, we can’t stop crying. But it comes really hard When Earn was at university. And at that time there were many serious problems And then having a big family problem Then made him want to commit suicide for the first time But before that, a good day Reconciled, we cried We don’t know why we were born. We don’t know what we are going to live for. Earn is before entering the industry. And still being in the industry And other diseases along with Which is a disorder in eating disorders People in the industry will have to be justified in terms of appearance. When it is finished, at one point we eat and we feel guilty, slit the throat, puke, and then it is paired with another symptom, which is to eat and can not stop. Full and not delicious Wanting to stop, can’t stop. This one is a pair. Which point makes you go to the doctor? Earn: 3 years ago People with depression, especially Rowan. No one talks about depression. Earn doesn’t know that he has this disease in this world. And one day, we just heard the news that depression Being a surveillance disease Have the following symptoms 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 And we listened to us So we wondered But until that day, going to the doctor takes 10 over the years, which is the normal distance of general patients. Meaning that Earnen doesn’t dare to take sleeping pills But some days I can’t sleep Some days want to sleep and do not want to wake up And one day will feel like they don’t want to live, they want to jump on the building Want to go for a car crash But the self-harm, such as a headbutt on the lid Slapping myself in the face already has it all. Before seeing the doctor, how did he look after us? Earn: He also loves us. He is not a good caretaker. But what he has made is something that we have not received at all. It is the stability in love. He makes us know that we are precious. He makes us know the word unconditional love. When dating each other He entered the room He saw Enn with his head bent on the side of the lid. He was shocked, rushing to put his hand under our head and hug us It is something that has never been encountered. No one has ever done it before. Will heal? Earn: The doctor and Earn have a goal to get better. But today cannot reduce the dose We also take medicine. One time, sitting in the car with my parents Then the parents quarrel with each other This girl almost jumped out of the car? Earn: Actually, Father is not just our mother. We have other issues. And then to the point where we don’t feel it We do not want to commit suicide. We don’t need anything. We want everything to stop. And there is only one way to stop. We have to go from this car. And then we ran on the road We opened the door to go out. At that time he was also in the industry. I remember. I just went to Central Chidlom. Finished and the mother reached out to close And said that he would die, right? Die together That is one of the hardest moments in the past. Had to work with a spiritual practitioner to overcome it Can follow the talk show Show every Monday – Friday 13. 30 – 14. 30 On channel one 31 Facebook Page: Hot Talk Show. Watch previous episodes on Youtube Channel: Orange Mama. Engkayakon interview clip https://youtu.be/h3HH_RvXd7o
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