Meghan Markle points to Letizia's eyelash extensions to overcome her bump

4 minEvolution … false! Queen Letizia was the first royal to join the fashion of 3D eyelashes and now Meghan Markle, immersed in a sentimental catastrophe, also drowns her sorrows in eyelashes (false) Margarita Velascocontact Why suddenly Meghan Markle’s look seems more awake? At the inauguration of the Camp of Remembrance, dedicated to the victims of wars and veterans of the Armed Forces, Meghan’s eyes, far from sad and swollen as they had been in their last appearances in the midst of the media tsunami about their discomfort, had changed completely. More lively, open and even bright.Result of a successful makeup bet? That might seem like the first explanation, until the photographers began to zoom and more zoom in the eyes of the Duchess of Sussex. No, Meghan has not modified her usual makeup… Meghan Markle has put on eyelash extensions. Meghan Markle, at the opening of the Field of Remembrance. (Getty) Already before her, we attended marveling at the radical makeover of Queen Letizia when, at the beginning of years and after several fooling around with false eyelashes, we saw hers multiply, bulge and darken, and we discovered that there was only One explanation: Letizia had put on eyelash extensions. The evolution of Letizia’s eyelashes: before (above) and then (below and to the right) (Getty) Of course, unlike Meghan Markle’s election, the Queen must have Choose your most dramatic version, probably a 2D or 3D that gave your look a slight superficial touch … The ‘doll eyes’ effect. Eyelash extensions usually last about six weeks, so it is necessary to go to touch up every 2 or 3 weeks. However, it seems that the retouching did not go deep in Letizia since its eyelashes were like an oasis ‘beauty’, seen and not seen. Which makes us think that they did not convince the Queen Meghan Markle, at the inauguration of the Field of Remembrance. (Cordon Press) Meghan Markle’s case is radically different. The length of her eyelashes was good, but the amount of hair was not too much. If we add to this that, after pregnancy the hair falls out more frequently when living the telogen phase that has not lived during that stage, it would not surprise us that the Duchess of Sussex has seen how her eyelashes became depleted. [LEER MÁS: Este es el estricto ritual de Meghan Markle para recuperar su figura] A of the fastest solutions is the application of false eyelashes, preferably individual to place them only in the areas where a bald spot is seen. Although they are easy to identify and in some events we have been able to see that Meghan wore them, apply them daily and throw them away, in addition to little ecological it is impractical since it adds a few minutes a day to the makeup time. Meghan Markle, with false eyelashes during The real visit to Africa. (Cordon Press) Another option that Meghan Markle could have used are serums that favor eyelash growth. Applied on the lash line every night, they penetrate day by day and their nutrients make them grow stronger and longer. However, Meghan continues to breastfeed the little Archie, which eliminates the use of eyelash treatments from the equation since it is recommended that these types of serums not be applied during pregnancy and lactation.After a thorough analysis of the Last appearances of the Duchess, there is no doubt that her eyelashes have changed radically. They have multiplied, curved, elongated and obscured. Now Meghan not only has a blow, she has eyelashes, and the only explanation is the same as Queen Letizia’s: extensions! Detail of Meghan Markle’s eyelash extensions. (Getty) However, Meghan Markle, bearer of natural looks, has chosen the extensions of ‘flat’ eyelashes: “They weigh less and have a lot of volume, so they can be more comfortable,” says Stefanía Ospina, of the Twentynails centers. Undoubtedly, a description that fits perfectly with the recently released Meghan eyelashes and would fit the needs of a mother who can not pay so much attention to her makeup and needs the comfort of eyelashes that do not weigh.The before (left) and then (right) of Meghan Markle’s eyelashes. (Cordon Press) Now we can only observe if in a few weeks Meghan’s eyelashes recover their previous appearance or yes, after discovering the occasional baldness, every few weeks their eyelashes are filled … Bets are opened. Today in vanitatis {{# shots.5}} {{/shots.5}} {{^ shots.5}} {{# shots.3}} {{/shots.3}} {{^ shots.3} } {{/shots.3}} {{/shots.5}} {{{mobiletitle}}} {{#alias}} {{name}} {{/ alias}}
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