'Mike Pirat' smiles at the good work in China Revealing to settle down to the dragon

                                      The other day (8 Nov) young actor Mike Phirat Nithipaisankun Join the opening ceremony of “King Power and Disney Frozen 2 Magical Journey” at King Power Rangnam, ready to give an interview about working in China that is going well. “Today, just finished from the drama about 3 am, there, 0 degrees, then get on the plane. The weather has changed. Can accept as normal Fast Charging Working there is good. There are ongoing work. During this period there will be a lot of work. Suddenly packed in Just finished filming a reality show Is a program for men, actresses, women As for the performance right now, the company is waiting for the conclusion. Previously taken as part of the program It’s a short drama period. ” Work is always tight? “During this period, a little tight Quite rarely get to sleep Long queue up to next year. ” How to take care of yourself? “Most of the time I look at food Exercise didn’t come out for almost a year now. Because there is not much time During this time, I tried to find many things. Other things to do include adding a little extra talent. This part will be made about robotics. Most recently, to create a robot finger Like similar to engineering Programming in And various electrical connections And went on the show ” How is it that at this moment our tide is still good? “This one I can’t answer myself. Let the fans respond better. ” We measure from the fan club from the work has been continuous? “Honestly, it doesn’t focus much on anything there. Meaning we are just working more and more continuously. ” Is it still hot? “Should be (laughs)” Our plan is still in China, is still long? “Most of them are there. But this time I came back to work with King Power because last time I had a chance to work with King Power. And very impressed with King Power And this time he contacted me, clear the queue Move this queue over there. Move faster So that today will be free ” We are mainly in China. Have you bought a house yet? “It is about 90% not buying a house.” Is there foundation laid there? “Have not thought about where the foundation was laid Right now, just work first. ” Intend to stay over a long time, right? “To conclude, fate is better to lead.” Did the job that Thailand have contacted? “Actually, the work in Thailand has been continuously contacted. Look at the queue if it matches.” We haven’t decided to accept because the queue is not available. Or because the job in China is better? “It doesn’t matter. I see more about opportunities. If it were a drama, I would watch the script. The company will see what the script looks like. The interest of the project and the work than ” Refusing too much work in Thailand? “Refused too much? Honestly, I wasn’t the one who talked or denied myself. I would not really know the details here. The camp is a person who watches everything. Accepting all jobs is a decision-making camp. Have to go through the adult camp, the team will pass many levels Before reaching me, the information is Oh .. Accepted. ” Is the event in China considered to be exactly the way we wanted to go in the first place? “Is that to ask if he intends? It’s about one It’s not bad. ” As of today, has it reached our intended point? “Honestly, I keep setting new goals. There will always be new goals. Next year would like to go more technological Meaning I just started to realize what I like about it other than my industry My desk now has a lot of blueprints, screwdrivers, screwdrivers. Then built 1 robot hand, a bit more to build the whole body For the most part, I will study by asking people I know or watch on YouTube. This one is currently a hobby. But in the future, it may not be able to make Tan become more serious. ”         
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