National Cinema Day with more than 40 free functions throughout the country

For years 14 years National Cinema Day has been celebrated with free exhibitions. The objective of the activity is to “generate instances of citizenship approach to the country’s film culture.” In this regard, more than 40 functions will be carried out throughout the national territory with free admission. In addition to 14 Uruguayan premieres 2019 on Vera TV, available from November 9 to 15. Premieres ICAU stands out among the premieres on Vera TV, the children’s film “The Book of Lila”, by Marcela Rincón, and two adaptations to sign language: “The candidate”, by Daniel Hendler, and “My World Cup”, by Carlos Morello. For its part, public channels join the celebration during the weekend. TV Ciudad will exhibit: “The night that is not repeated”, by Aparicio García and Manuel Berriel. While National Television Uruguay (TNU) will present: “Family Strokes”, by José Pedro Charlo, and “Children of cinema”, by Kico Márquez. Through the Latin American film platform Retina Latina you can see online and free of charge: “The candidate”, by Daniel Hendler, and “Arriba, chicada”, by Patricia Trochón, Programming:
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