“Pancakes” swinging “Pee Mee” making big merit

“Pancakes” Khemnit Jamikorn along with boyfriend “Pi Mee”, Pol. Maj. Sak Sunthon Preman “Wat Nong Kai”                                                                                                                                                   Kom Chad Luek Entertainment Team – Taking Wat Nong Kai, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province, almost breaking when “Pop Master” Chotanaporn Bunworn Mahabunbarami Filmmaker National sacrifice ceremony The Master of Prayer Led the band of stars such as Pancakes – Khemnit Jamikorn along with boyfriend Pee Mee – Pol. Maj. Sak Sunthon Premanon and Mae Nuan Nong Chamikon, including Tom-Lapaphanan (Ratchanikorn) Panmanee, Petch-Thakritwanphong Neot-Papapha Klin Sumal, Mind-Tarika Insuwan, New-Patita Athayatmithaya, Min-Saralathorn Klaiudom, Bae M-Thanyarat Worarat Phuwat, Provincial Prosecutor, Khon Kham Page Dang, Miracle Naga, Kon Kham, Lam Khong etc. participated in the annual Kathin ceremony 2562 at Wat Nong Kai, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province.                 With the formation of the front of the San Pa Tung school and the procession moving to Nong Kai flu After that, invitations of cloth and silk were added along with Mahat. Followed by the blanket of the pagoda to the temple. Offering candles to worship There is a famous former heroine Tommalaphat Nantanan dancing before blessing the candles. Offering to the Kathin Praying Jant Sheet Yantra Agenda 12 and the celebration of Phra Siwalee with offerings 21 Ong 21 Temples in the project to enshrine Phra Siwalee 789 throughout Thailand In which the auspicious wealth auspicious talisman that has prayed the mind in full 12 Agenda Today, Pop Master Chotaporn revealed, “The main objective of creating a auspicious billionaire talisman talisman, gold and silver. Focused on raising funds to purchase land for Nong Kai Temple. Which currently has only 4 acres over Therefore thinking of auspicious objects for everyone to have a fortune In addition to making merit Still has a good fortune with him. ” For inquiries, please contact Wat Nong Kai, San Pa Yang Subdistrict, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province. Call 062 – 424 – 9659, 095 – 424 – 6935 Facebook information: Wat Nong Kai, Youtube: Project to enshrine Phra Siwalee 789 throughout Thailand                                Pancake Khemanit                                              Deep crisp entertainment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Related news                                              
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