When 'Victims' Syahrini & Mulan Jameela Gather, Maia Estianty, Luna Maya and Ayu Dewi Do This

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – When Syahrini & Mulan Jameela ‘victims’ gathered, Maia Estianty, Luna Maya and Ayu Dewi did this. Luna Maya, Maia Estianty, and Ayu Dewi were recently seen gathering together at an event. But apparently, what they do is actually associated with the names Mulan Jameela, Syahrini to Zumi Zola. Yesterday, Friday (8 / 11 / 2019) Maia Estianty and Luna Maya compactly shared their meeting Insta Story. Not only Luna Maya, Ayu Dewi, and Maia Estianty were seen there, but there were also Bunga Citra Lestari singers and presenters and models Patricia Gouw.  • Splashy Face Changes Via Vallen, Cheek Former Enemy Jerinx SID Highlighted, Dear Singer Admits It  • Ruben Onsu’s Special Ritual When His Last Day Comes, Betrand Peto’s Father Prepares This  • Ruben Onsu’s Message Before He Died After the Exorbitant Testament of Ex Raffi Ahmad, This Said the Father Betrand  • Again, Barbie Kumalasari’s Lies Are Uncovered, Rp. 3 Billion Wife Galih Ginanjar From Here At the same time, Ayu Dewi, Maia Estianty, and Luna Maya took a picture together. The photo shows Maia Estianty, Luna Maya and also Ayu Dewi being posing spoiled. Uniquely, in the photo they added a different nickname information that is Maya for Luna Maya and Dewi for Ayu Dewi. Inevitably, the photo that was re-uploaded on the Instagram gossip account immediately linked the three of them to the unfortunate fate they experienced in the past. “The same was hurt by men but finally found happiness, success without Tara and a much better life than before, Mimi pray that Luna Maya will soon follow to find the right man for her like her two siblings / best friends Maia Estianty and Ayu Dewi , “write the account, Friday (8 / 11 / 2019) night. Author: Noor Masrida Editor: Rahmadhani Follow us on
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