Home Art “You don't know me” Karina put the points on Fede Bal and left him speechless!

“You don't know me” Karina put the points on Fede Bal and left him speechless!

“You don't know me” Karina put the points on Fede Bal and left him speechless!

The singer never ceases to amaze with her character. After the strong fight that Fede Bal maintained with the jury, the situation was very tense. In particular, with the classmates that the participant named as an example that they had been rated with a high score unfairly. Among those names was Karina and Fede Bal had no problem naming her. However, the singer far from being silent showed her personality when she is angry.      Given these accusations, he said: “It is similar to saying that everything is armed and that everything is very predictable, and that the first ones will do well … Fede came to talk to me later and told me that it was not with me,” he clarified, making I stressed that he did not agree with the words of his partner and that he used it as an example to make his release. Then, Carmen’s son also went out to the crossing. “I told you that I had nothing with you”, but Karina got tired of that of “she told me, I tell her, I told her” and she said to Fede Bal: “In short, what, I didn’t understand, what, what; With all the love in the world, they ask me and I don’t understand it. You will fight me and me, zero with you. You don’t know me, when I want to fight I stand up and say it. ” And with that he made it clear that he doesn’t want conflicts and that everything that was said in the last hours is enough. We must remember that Damián García, Karina’s dancer, will leave the contest and that is why the new one is already selected to be the one who accompanies the singer. “He didn’t come today? The day we presented it did not come. What more important thing did Emiliano Buitrago have to do than come to the program today? ”Marcelo said wanting to meet the new dancer. While he was going to be presented at the new dance, the driver preferred it to be during the sentence. “Oh yes, there it is, he is a very good dancer. Yes, we have already had it here, very well. A very good one comes out and a very good one comes in too, ”the driver praised him, then read the score they had obtained at the gala and confirm that they were not sentenced.
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