Former green lantern shows its support for 'Justice League Snyder Cut'

After the final cut of ‘Justice League’, will not be able to convince DC fans, it became known that there was an intact version of Zack Snyder, so immediately the followers of this universe have been asking Warner Bros to release this version, so Ryan Reynolds has joined this initiative and supports ‘Justice League Snyder Cut’. ‘Justice League’, represented for DC, his great opportunity to defeat the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and return to leading the genre of superheroes, the task did not seem easy, but with its most powerful and popular heroes and a director who seemed to perfectly understand the world of comics, success seemed almost assured. Unfortunately, Zack Snyder had to abandon the project for personal reasons, just when it was almost finished, so Joss Whedon was hired to finish directing the missing details of the production, however, it ended making a new movie, which was not liked by fans or critics, so instead of raising the Extended Universe of DC (DCEU), it finally sank it. Recently, several sketches have been released which show sequences of the scenes that would make up the Snyder version, for that reason, both fans and actors have come together to ask Warner Bros to release the version of Zack Snyder’s film. That’s why the Twitter account @RTSnyderCut , has launched a tweet in which he asked fans to try one hour to pressure Warner, so Ryan Reynolds liked it, in clear support for this version to be released. Despite all these requests , Warner Bros has not pronounced on the matter, since this would mean accepting his mistake of changing the entire Snyder movie, and with ‘Joker’ triumphing at the box office and with an upcoming Batman film on the way, they may want to forget about this matter, pro The problem is that fans will not do it. In this way, Ryan Reynolds supports ‘Justice League Snyder Cut’, and joins the thousands of people who ask that this version be released for display.
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