Luke Finds a Ticket to the Final Week: Is This Ever True

Luke Lampret couldn’t believe it when he unraveled all the clues and was able to find a valuable ticket. Danijel Frigelj, however, was sad because he became the first duelist, with even his confidant Marjana giving him a pebble. Luke’s treasure huntLuka Lampret found a map showing the place on the estate. Luke rejoiced, “Everything is clear to me. I know exactly what I have to do, where I have to go.” He went hunting for treasure during breakfast but was worried. Luke: “It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.” But he quickly found the chest with another hint. While Luke tried to work out how he could unlock the chest, family members complained about the absence of work organization. Tanja, Adriana and Danijel were looking for excuses not to work according to Tom’s observations. Luke found a map. PHOTO: POP TVDaniel and Tanja jump into their hairDaniel and Tanja have been in dispute. Daniel accused Tanja of lobbying for pebbles, which angered the contestant. Jan was on her side and said he was looking forward to going with Daniel to a duel. Jan: “Learn … I’m not afraid of you at all … We are going to Pratika. I hope you are ready. I will make the most of it.” Daniel becomes the first duelist. Daniel is surprised that Marjana has a stone intended for him. He also got everyone else, except Tom, who wanted to prove to him that he could count on him. So he’ll have to go into the arena this Friday. Natalia said goodbye, “Who needs enemies if they have friends like that?” Daniel re-enters the arena The two boys were told that the last black sheep were on the property, which Jan perceived as an advantage. Luke found a ticket for the final week. Meanwhile, Luke managed to unlock the box and got a ticket for the final week. He was overjoyed: “I’m so glad I can’t believe it. I have to take a shower with ice water to see if this is even true or dreaming.” with Tiln deciding his fate and having the hidden task of becoming a second duelist. The messengers were impressed with how the twins mix the puppies on the estate. Daniel lost his last ally? Daniel was sad because Marjana had given him a pebble, and she estimated it was his fault that the family had excluded him, had to mature. She did not like being betrayed by Tanya. She also said she had enough excuses and would have a hard time continuing to support him. Daniel got caught up in Jan’s networks PHOTO: POP TVWhat are the twins doing in the background for the twins? Miha: “If you guys are going to the arena this week, I think they are more than ready for it, but I’m not sure if they are ready for what their uncles from the background prepared for them.” In front of you is a ticket that shot you straight into the final week. This ticket is only for you, so watch it as a little girl of your own eye. He had to destroy the message immediately. What are the twins preparing for the uncle in the background? Don’t miss tomorrow at 20. hours on POP TV or go to VOYO now. FarmPhoto: POP TV
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