[Review IS] 'Bis' Ji-ryul, but I can not help but fall in love with #GC Hammer #GC Hammer

                                  Video star Jeon Ji-ryul was delighted to talk with the golden vein network. It was a series of situations that forced him to fall in love with him. 12 On the 3rd anniversary of MBC Everyone’s ‘Video Star,’ which aired on Sunday, it was decorated with ‘between wheat and human network’. The high-quality network of gagman ground line was dispatched all together. Composers Yoon Il-sang, pop columnist Kim Tae-hoon, psychiatrist Yang Jae-jin, and Korean traditional musician and trot singer Park Gyu-ri attended. When Kim Tae-hoon, who saw the line-up, expressed whether it was a special feature that gathered people who were once prospects, Ji-Yeul said, “Don’t say it, express it as rotten fruits.” First of all, a luxurious charm radiated. There were so many masterpieces of Yoon Ilsang that the ‘Yeon Ilsang quarter system’ was once mentioned, and Kim Tae-hoon’s filmography, which includes more than 15 occupations such as editor of magazine, promotion team leader, radio selection writer, film critic, and writer. Of course, the superlative beauty of the ground line was also dealt with. Mentioned by the word “ sundeok ” created by Jeon Ji-ryu. At the same time, there was a quiz show that interpreted the hieroglyphs. Somewhere I buried my fingerprints, where was Meridian, why did I shoot the remote control, some antler came out of the tongue, etc. Jeon Ji-ryul 20 year after the show attended as a special MC. 20 I have named Hwangbo as my ideal type since years ago. “Hubo is the first love in the entertainment world,” but expressed his unchanging affection. Even the iron wall of Huangbo did not yield. The story came when I was a rapper. Yoon Il-sang said, “It can not be called a rap,” but Ji Sang-yeol said, “I thought I was the doctor of hip-hop.” Also known as ‘GC Hammer’, the four-beat beat that consistently appeared and the idiom of the lion appeared in the lyrics and laughed. By journalist oxyoung hwang.soyoung@jtbc.co.kr     
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