The Voice of Germany 2019: Claudia wins – embarrassing TV glitch

                                                       Claudia Emmanuela Santoso is the winner of “The Voice of Germany” 2019 She received from the spectators 46, 39 Percentage of votesBut before that is announced, moderator Thore Schölermann makes an embarrassing mistake              What a great final evening! There were many emotions, strong performances, disappointed faces and finally a radiant winner. Here you can find out everything about the TV event.     “The Voice of Germany”: Claudia wins the TV show     Claudia Emmanuela Santoso is the winner of “The Voice of Germany” 2019 She received from the spectators 46, 39 Percentage of votesClaudia is 16 years old Alice MertonAt the age of four, she was registered at an Indonesian music school 2018 and moved to Germany. Here she studied musicology                          Big final!     On Sunday, the grand finale of “The Voice of Germany” rose. Five talents, 10 songs, a winner. We were in the live ticker for you.     Here is the whole process of the brilliant final show of “The Voice of Germany”:     Emotionally congratulated via Instagram now Claudia’s coach Alice Merton. “She came, saw and won,” Merton wrote, referring to Julius Caesar’s famous saying, “I’m so glad I was your coach and so happy that I was allowed to write a song for you.”                                                 (00. : A very deserved victory for the first time And that, even though there had been a breakdown shortly before the announcement. So presenter Thore Schölermann held the moderation card with the winners something conspicuous in the direction of talent Lucas Rieger. Panic, the moderator asked Lucas, if he had seen anything. The negative, of course.                           **************************************************************************************************************************************************************** “And a new seat is with 45, 39 Percent Claudia In less than ten minutes we know who has become “The Voice of Germany”.      go back to advertising.     (23. Clock: Wow, at the appearance, no eye is dry. Mark Forster can not hold back either. Then the last stone fell and the decision is pending.     The coat of James Arthur, however, is not at all TV-ready. Yes, a little out of context, but had to get out. (23. Clock: It continues with Lucas Rieger and Nico Santos. (23. ****************************************************************************************************************************************. As Promiflash reports, the “The Voice of Germany” jurors are dancing off the commercial break. We would have liked to have seen that too. Where we are on the topic: ADVERTISING!     (23. Clock: Claudia and Alice Merton present their song “Goodbye”. That fits. That was nice. Have we already heard the winner here?     (*****************************************************************************************************************************************************. However, not who flies out. Not even close. It’s all about who goes on the tour. It is: Mariell Kirschall.     Here is a small sample: Lipa with eight ladies in a bathing suit. Where is Freschta? Ah, there. So completely in black one would almost not have recognized Sido’s protégé. (******************************************************************) Clock: But first Freschta and Dua Lipa with “Do not start now”.      , Only (**********************************************************************************************************************************************************) Our tip.     22.38 Clock We should not have written it. There it is: The next commercial break.     Slowly it gets really exhausting. Not only we, but also many Twitter fans find:     How much advertising again? Should the rest have a length of feature film? WTF? Due to the permanent advertising breaks, I still have enough time to prepare for my exam tomorrow.     How does Sat 1 do that? (*********************************************) instead of 8 or 45 AND yet more advertising than usual … ”     22. 36 Clock: The song “How bout you” sounds a bit like Ed Sheeran wrote: Beautiful radio song.     (22. Clock: This question, which raises a viewer on Twitter, is entitled. “Why does not a miserably long show come on Fridays or Saturdays? Or just less advertising. ”     (22. Clock: The later the evening, the more exasperated the jokes. Lena Gercke is currently offering Nümmerchen. Hehe, hoh.     (22. Clock: Here we are again, friends. After Whitney Houston now Mariah Carey is covered. Beautiful she does that, the Freschta. Only the high notes do not seem to please her that much. But again: Mariah Carey is Champions League. Freschta rather so Europa League.     Sido looks different. (22. : So, now but Advertising.     (22. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** A hint of twenties blows through the living room.     (22. Clock: And now: Max Raabe and Lucas Rieger. This does not just fit visually. (******************************************************************************) Oh, but only one spot. There are still times and wonders.     (**************************************************) Clock: You can guess what’s coming now …     (**********************************************. But with Claudia we can only repeat ourselves again and again. Mega! If you can beat Whitney-Houston on the podium, you deserve the victory. Point. Out.     (**************************************************.) 55 Clock: Mark Forster and Fidi: That suits easy. On Twitter, the fans already long for the German Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. For many, the suspicion arises that the two could already find each other quite well.     Bradley Cooper / Lady Gaga seem to be deregistering the Tweets on Fidi / Mark. Mark looks at her so in love, I think he does not realize it at all. The voices of the two harmonize perfectly 52 .52 Clock: Her “The Voice of Germany” song is called “wait a minute”. (***********************************************.) 40 here we are again.     Here’s a little music to digest the commercial breaks.                      (21. Clock: And we say goodbye to the advertising again.     (21. o’clock: Ouch, that was now really off Erwin. Not a good appearance. But “Someone like you” by Adele is also a chunk.     (21. Clock: This is the best performance of the evening so far. Claudia sings with Freya Ridings “Castles”. So strong! The (***********************************************************************************************************************************!     (21. oclock: Oh, oh, oh, we’re just so excited Did Sat 1 but to the end of advertising the trailer for the new season “The Voice of Germany” aired. And who is there to see ??? SIDO. This probably means that the most entertaining juror will be back again next year. That promises a funny new season.     (21. Clock: And we are not the only ones who are already discreetly annoyed. Or as this friendly Twitter user puts it: “Geil … (*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************) min advertising … to hope!”     (21. Clock: And there we are again in advertising. An hour around, two commercial breaks. Slowly it gets exhausting.     (21. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Forster had mentioned several times, how he found the appearance of his talent. Of course Sido had to ask again how much he really found it.     (21. Watch: Wow. Fidi sings “Do you cry” from real. Such a nice song. Unfortunately, the 32 – year-old one, two crooked tones. But that does not detract from the strong performance. Gangster-Mark likes it too.     (21. Clock: Hui, who got lost in the “The Voice of Germany” Studio Conchita Wurst. The Austrian ESC star apparently did not see the BVB match yesterday. Otherwise, Conchita would not have thrown herself into the black and yellow Bee-Maja costume. Freschta is a typical Sido song. Radiotauglich, Sido rape go off. But it really does not tear you off the chair.      “Is back from advertising. Now on stage: Sido and his candidate Freschta.      has seen. Here are the fun dresses exchangers Mark Forster and Sido. (***************************************************************************) Clock: THERE IS YOU: The first commercial break.                      20.40 Clock : Mhhh, we really did not think Erwin’s performance was really cool. The voice was still a bit weak. Maybe the excitement.     (20. Clock: Wow, the man is busy. Dermot Kennedy plays another concert on Sunday evening in the Columbiahalle in Berlin. Clear that there are already Twitter the first fraud allegations. Is not “The Voice of Germany” live? But friends, the fans in the Columbiahalle just have to be patient. Dermott Kennedy still wants to sing with Erwin.     (20. Clock: There he is, the candidate from Kamen. Lucas Rieger with “Happy” by Pharell Williams.     (20. Clock: What the hell ??? Two have changed so yes times. Sido tonight in a chic confirmant suit. Mark Forster in rapper-gucci-jogger.     Since Lena Gercke is flat. “Sido, I had expected everything,” the pretty blonde hardly dares her eyes.     (20. Clock: And it starts. In about four hours we know who “The Voice of Germany” 2019 is.     (20. What should that be? Moderator Thore Schölermann is browsing through foreign phones for Facebook. Well, what goes well in the cinema, so synonymous with Sat 1 can not be wrong.     (20. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Sat 1 already grants insights into the studio.                       , then the five talents of “The Voice of Germany” are on stage in Berlin. But they will not be alone. Also included are the music stars Freya Ridings, James Arthur, Dua Lipa, Dermot Kennedy and Max Raabe.     (13. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The rapper was always in favor of a nimble saying, did not mince his words and left many a candidate speechless.     Even in the final, this seems to continue. This is an announcement on Facebook close. Gradually, the previews of the final songs that each finalist recorded with his coach are published. Of course, Sido and his protege Freschta Akbarzada have also recorded one.     ——————————————–     More about “The Voice of Germany”:     “The Voice of Germany”: Candidate sings, then Sido leaves the stage – “Shut up!”     The Voice of Germany: Mega-turmoil! Coaches storm the stage – Sido stunned “Pardon me ?!”     ——————————————–     “The Voice of Germany” Finale 2019: Does Sido make for the next cracker?     The potential chart striker is called “My 3 Minutes” and will appear on (*************************************************************). November. “Team Sido will also release their joint single on the final day,” announces the station. And then it becomes clear that the hit has it all – and Sido was also able to prove his testing nature here: “But you know how critical Sido is – with the single he is no exception.”          “The Voice of Germany” 2019: These are the finalists     Freschta Akbarzada (Team Sido) Fidi Steinbeck (Team Mark Forster) Erwin Kintop (Team Rea Garvey) Claudia Santoso (Team Alice Merton) Lucas Rieger (Team Nico Santos) Sido likes to say a spell                      How clearly Sido can become, he already proved in one or the other episode. For example, when candidate Luke entered the stage. He sang “Rude” by Magic. Quite so magical rapper Sido did not find the vocal performance and made it clear: “I think you’re a guy, a good musician, have a decent voice. As a whole, this is actually round. But: I do not think it’s good, nothing matters to me. (…) I’m out. I’ll lean back now and let the others do it. ”     Sido was not alone with his opinion, Luke had to leave the show.
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