BNT Sells Undercover to Nova TV

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Some of the characters in the last season 5 of the series                               A new premiere is coming for 60 – they are the episodes of the BNT series sold under cover of Nova TV undercover – the most successful BNT series can be watched on Nova TV. Private media bought from the public 60 – the episodes of the crime series, produced, filmed and broadcast by BNT, learned “24 hours”. The deal was made possible after BNT terminated its contract with the US company New Films International a few months ago and thus regained the rights to broadcast its series. Now public television has agreed with Nova Broadcasting Group to pay her several thousand levs on an episode for its broadcast. How accurate is trade secret. However, it is no secret that for each series she paid on average 150 000 BGN for her production. At the same time, BNT negotiated with foreign producers – Germans and Spaniards, possibly sequel to the series. European companies intend to invest 1 million per episode, while also buying the already-completed 5 seasons of Undercover, explained the director and executive producer of the Dimitar series a short time ago 24. Mytovsky. The signing of the deal is delayed due to court cases in our country. At the same time, the contract for the broadcasting of the movie on Nova TV is the final right. Nova TV is not the first time to buy a Bulgarian series produced by other television. Some time ago, broadcast the historic “Tree of Life” created for TV 7 by Evtim Miloshev’s Dream Team. He even did more – along with the producer, presented it to Macedonian television. “New Broadcasting Group” has long said it is becoming a home for Bulgarian cinema. At the end of 2016, it launched the initiative “NOVA Supports Bulgarian Films on All Platforms”, thus announcing its serious intentions to invest in the production of films and series and in the development of the Bulgarian film market. Two years later, he also founded the awards, “NOVA Supports Bulgarian Films,” which only a few days ago were distributed for the second time.                                                                            Subscription for print or electronic “24 hours”, as well as for other editions of Media Group Bulgaria.                      
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