Florian Silbereisen drops a bomb: “Helene Fischer and I …”

                                      Florian Silbereisen drops a bomb: “Helene Fischer and I …”                                                                                                                                                                                                    (************************************************************************************************************): 14 Clock This is Florian Silbereisen show description                                                    Nobody would have expected that! When Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer split up about a year ago, it was a great shock. Therefore, it is even more surprising that the hit star suddenly unlocks secrets from their shared past.     Florian Silbereisen has changed a lot in life in recent months. First the separation of Helene Fischer, then the announcement of the “dream ship” main role, now the contract extension with the ARD.                          +++ Kate Middleton: Big shock – now it comes out that William … +++     And his big coup to join the ZDF “dream ship” awakens great memories with him. And they also have to do with his ex Helene Fischer.     Florian Silbereisen drops a bomb: “Helene Fischer and I …”     In an interview with ZDF, Florian Silbereisen reveals how it even came about that he became the new captain in Germany’s cult ship series.                           ————————————–     This is Helene Fischer:     Helene Fischer is 35 years old.She was born on August 5 1984 in Krasnoyarsk in the Soviet Union.In autumn 2007 she went on tour for the first time Fischer was already on TV: in the dream ship and the crime sceneIn addition Helene Fischer presents the ZDF Helene Fischer show on ChristmasThe next issue will be published on 13. and 14. The broadcast will then be broadcast on Christmas Day     ————————————–     Florian Silbereisen at Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020 at the “Dream Ship”     “It all started when Helene Fischer and I visited New Year’s Eve 2015 / (**************************) the legendary ‘Dream Ship’ producer Wolfgang Rademann “, The pop star starts his words. And further: “At that time he said suddenly: ‘You have to come on’ dream ship ‘, my boy!'” It should be the last conversation between Florian Silbereisen and Wolfgang Rademann. Only four weeks later, the producer died. The idea to go to the “dream ship”, but not ————————————-     More topics:     +++ Florian Silbereisen: crazy offer from ZDF – THIS mega show he should have moderated +++     +++ Helene Fischer: Nobody noticed – when she surprised Florian Silbereisen, she did not come alone! +++     +++ ZDF dream ship: Ex-captain unpacks – “The viewer does not notice that anyway” +++     ————————————-      “We have discussed a lot”     Florian Silbereisen: “And then suddenly things went really fast last year: After Sascha Hehn said farewell to the ‘dream ship’, there were the first talks. We talked a lot about the role of the captain, about the future of the series and about content, about exciting stories and surprising scripts. “During this time, Helene Fischer was certainly at his side. Finally, she got the beginnings first hand.     ————————————–     This is Florian Silbereisen:     (****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) he founded the Schlager trio Klubbb3Ab 2019 he will be seen as captain in the ZDF series “The Dream Ship” Among other things, Silbereisen travels to New Year 2020 He spent ten years with Helene Fischer on the “Dream Ship” to Colombia 2008     ————————————–     Mockery and mockery must have noticed Helene Fischer     Certainly Helene Fischer but also noticed the mockery and mockery that former captain Sascha Hehn had left after his withdrawal for the ZDF series. And yet another former actress intervened and left no good hair to new captain Florian Silbereisen. Here is the whole story          These stars are part of the “Dream Ship”     Gradually it was also known who goes with Florian Silbereisen aboard the dream ship. Uschi Glas is there, with Sarah Lombardi the ZDF apparently tried to let even younger audiences travel. A personality came but completely surprising. He is actually known by football. More here     ———————     This is the dream ship:     Since 1981 flies the dream ship on the German television screens The idea comes from Wolfgang Rademannhandlung: scenes on a cruise ship are told captain of the ship were already Siegfried smoke, Heinz Weiss, Sascha Hehn, Günter King and Now Florian Silbereisen Harald Schmidt is currently the Keuzfahrt Director     ———————     More about the common emotional appearance of Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer at the Schlagerboom 2019 you can read here     Sad news for all pop fans     Fans of Florian Silbereisen now also have to be strong. For as announced now, all appearances of “Klubbb3”, those of Silbereisen, Christoff De Bolle and Jan Smit founded Schlagerband, were canceled. More here     Helene Fischer is also currently in focus. Or better: her music. According to one expert, this is supposed to cause health damage. Here is the whole story     
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