I do not regret having done Neonatology

Dr. Migdiala Soria, from 2013 takes the reins of the provincial Neonatology service. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray) Confessa Migdiala Soria Díaz, who for more than two decades has dedicated herself to that specialty in Sancti Spíritus Can not imagine otherwise: the green robe above the white one, standing in front of that incubator and the stethoscope auscultating e trying to decipher what so many sobs say. And he doesn’t regret it; not even today, when almost three decades have passed since he graduated as a doctor, when has delivered almost every day and night of the last 20 years to the Neonatology But Dr. Migdiala Soria Díaz, who since 2013 also takes the reins of the provincial service of this specialty, did not hesitate in being a doctor or in caring for children. “Always I liked Pediatrics and within it, the little ones. Neonatology it always attracted me; I thought it was the most sensitive part of Pediatrics and which was to which one had to pay close attention for how sensitive they are children at this age. ” He proposed it to him – perhaps because of how stubborn he claims to be – from which set foot in the Faculty of Medical Sciences that also premiered in 1985. There I would cement what it is today. “He 27 July 1985 we had the privilege of being able to participate in the inauguration of the faculty where Commander in Chief Fidel was and we share many hours with him in front of the theater. Then, with its long light, he realized that the faculty had no pool and said that on the land that was between the Faculty of Medicine and the Polytechnic of Health will build the pool. Us He talked about how important it was to train us as good doctors and internationalism”. It is a precept that has always carried the same in Guasimal, where she arrived as a recent graduate with a little girl — her daughter Yelena who was born just during her last year of the race – where she left many friends more than patients; or in the children’s circle Mambisitos de Baraguá, where you worked later, or in the deputy director of Medical Assistance of Los Olivos polyclinic. He really checked it on the hill in the Macuto neighborhood of the state from Lara, in Venezuela, where children died too much. It was the 2003 and Cuba He came to save in Venezuelan lands. “A One of the things that struck me a lot was when I reached the hill and saw a child very small – of those that we keep for so long in incubator – in a house inside a small box in a crib. The mission matured me a lot because I saw from there what we had here in Cuba and it taught me to value much more what I already valued; I really saw so many children with diseases that They are already eradicated in Cuba … “He also attended the Cuba-Venezuela relationship consultation, where he They evaluated the children who had to come to Cuba to attend. Then, I started take care of the teaching and medical training of students Venezuelans. ” The greatest gift is when children leave in the arms of moms, says Migdiala. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray) And return in the 2007 to your other home: those rooms closed in green where crying bursts into disgrace, where rest reaches times when the heartbeat of the monitors becomes more stable, where you live more than at home The hours and sleeplessness do not weigh on him. Although you it is hard to admit, in those indicators there is also its success: to locate the service among the best in the country, the high survival of children under 1 500 grams, low mortality rates … But, prefer us before Than the first person. “What I have achieved in our service has been thanks to teamwork I am very satisfied with all the doctors I have today; They are well trained, with a high scientific level and prepared for any time of day and night go to the commission of the critical child to evaluate patients “Really I am a doctor of the service that I am currently directing the team. I have done it with pleasure, because I had everyone’s response the classmates and everything I do and everything I’ve done – which is to dedicate all the hours of life without rest— I have been able to achieve it, first, by the help of all my classmates and, secondly, for the help of my family. If it were not for the help of my partner and my daughters I would not have been able to reach what I have here today. ” It is also an achievement of the rearguard that remains in home and kitchen when the hours do not reach because at night you have to return for the hospital; the one that is steep and growing because mom is not always there Help with homework. In every story there are anonymous names: Nelson —The faithful companion for more than three decades—, Yelena and Yanela, the daughters studious and good who has been educated, for those who go out of their way and those who at times mentions excited in tears; the parents, the brothers … But everything is also due to this obsession to save. “That it is in the obstinacy that all neonatologists have in attending well every patient, to be next to each moment when you need it and, Even if you think not, the baby says it all, what you need is to understand it and that the treatment arrives in a timely manner. You have to work with a lot dedication, but the result we have today in the service does not appear, which It really is among the best in the country to meet the work objectives that are asked of us. ” That’s why it weighs so much, even today, when one of those Small does not survive. “Every time a child dies it is very difficult, First, with the patient we don’t meet and then with the family. When a patient dies, of course, one collectively analyzes each detail, but it looks like something that has to give us more strength to follow. ” Experiences that are learned and shared, either in other hospitals on the island or in Brazil, where he arrived years ago for a training in breast milk bank – and materialized a while ago in the service — or in Mexico, where he exchanged on the critical neonate. After each Achievement, a challenge. “I think one of the challenges of our service has been save all the children we can, succeed in the surgical patient – who a few years ago we started attending here and for us it was a challenge that we can save each surgical patient— have good patient management cardiovascular and the last challenge we still have to achieve is to get started the open Neonatology service here at the Provincial Hospital ”. It takes a dose of sacrifice and many hours. At this stage the disclosures have already become custom, so much that I only think that warns the exhaustion when asked: And when rest well? “Ah! I believe that I never rest; many years ago that I really don’t rest. Even when I am on vacation in many opportunities I had to come; I have a good team that helps me so that I can rest my vacations, but when it has been necessary also I’ve been here in the hospital. In the night sometimes you have to come when there is a Critical patient, although there is good management of everything that is protocolized. Before Any situation call me to collect what is best for the patient. ” So much effort has rewards and it’s not just the pictures that hang from that tree painted on one of the walls of the corridor that have agreed to name Tree of happiness. “The greatest gift is when children go out in the arms of moms and then when we see them that they are bigger, even those who They have been extremely critical, when they bring us those photos that we have We all over the place. I feel happy when I see them leaving well, when we see them on the street, when we know they are doing well in the office of Neurodevelopment that we have in the Pediatric Hospital or when I can’t hear to enter there. ” Perhaps for those gratitudes that are broken down daily It doesn’t hurt from so much delivery. “I can’t imagine another specialty and I don’t I regret having done Neonatology or all the years I have dedicated and that for them I have lost many to my family, but I do not regret it because In the end we have a result. ” It is, in his opinion, the only thing that exalts her. Neither both Master’s degrees he has done — in comprehensive child care and medical education superior— neither the teaching category nor the national vanguard status of the Health Union or being a member of the national commission of its specialty or recognition of many encumbran. At her 52 years she is still a small woman of stature, keep stopping in front of those incubators, continue with nobility demanding that everything be done as well as it should, still inhabits a home Shared: the house and the hospital. “Me I help those who need it. When the country has asked me and they have asked me for a I have given criteria; I don’t believe myself a recognized person, although I have my companions who recognize me. I think I have done what I had to do. ”
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