Hari kisses Thayse's photo and shoots, “Do you believe that? I don't”

                      Hari Almeida at the Farm 2019 Image: Play / Playplus Collaboration for UOL, São Paulo 04 / 12 / 2019 13 h 03 Shortly after Hariany and Lucas cleared the field, the goiana went to the headquarters room and chatted with a photo of Thayse Teixeira, who was recently eliminated. “Do you believe that? I didn’t, see,” Hariany said worriedly. Then the peon kissed her friend’s photo and joined the other pawns to talk about the unfolding of the final stretch of the show. With Sabrina’s victory in the farmer’s last race, Hari and Lucas face off in the last enclosure. Besides the former couple, Diego, Rodrigo and Sabrina remain at the house. © 1996 – 2019 UOL – The best content. All Rights Reserved
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