Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend responds to critics of the large age difference in their relationship: “There are plenty of such relationships in Hollywood and around the world.”

Leonardo DiCaprio has been considered a leading Hollywood playboy for many years. The actor clearly likes models much younger than himself and life in a permanent relationship comes to him with great difficulty. The current candidate for the life partner of DiCaprio is Camila Morrone, with whom she has been seen since April this year. This time the age difference between the lovers is 23 years. As expected, the media relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio brought Camila Morrone a chance to pursue a Hollywood career. In March, the premiere of the picture Mickey and the Bear, in which young partner Leo played the main role. It was under the guise of talking about the film that the Los Angeles Times spoke to her, who “by the way” had a chat with her about a relationship with one of the most famous actors in the world. One of the questions, of course, concerned the difference in age in their relationship. Camila Morrone is now 22 years old and 23 younger than her current one. She, however, considers this to be completely normal, and argues that in Hollywood such relationships are practically on the agenda. Hollywood and around the world are full of relationships in which there is a big age difference. I think everyone should meet whoever they want, “she commented. At the same time, Morrone is not surprised that the media is interested in her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. As she admitted herself, if it concerned a different girl her age, she would probably also follow media reports on this topic. I would probably also be curious myself – joking “modest” 22 – year old. Interestingly, Camila Morrone tempted I am also claiming that thanks to the role in the film, it is only now “regaining identity” in the media. The aspiring actress claims that the relationship with the popular 45 year-old provided her with the patch “the girl Leonardo DiCaprio”, which she is now trying hard to get rid of. Now, when more and more people have seen the movie with my participation, I feel that I’m recovering own identity. It’s frustrating, because who you meet with should not define you professionally. I understand that I am associated with him, but I would like to discuss my achievements more than with whom I am in a relationship – she said bitterly.You think that Camila will soon become more than just “another Leonardo DiCaprio girl” in the media? (Instagram.com) (Instagram.com) (Instagram.com) (East News) (ONS.pl) Like pudelek.pl on Facebook:
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