'MAMA' also sweeps the target… BTS “Honest Music”

BTS expresses their impressions at the “2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards” (2019 MAMA) held in Nagoya Dome, Aichi, Japan on the 4th. [엠넷 제공] yunhap news The group BTS ‘sweeped’ the subject at ‘2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ (2019 MAMA). It is the same as the recent melon music award (MMA). BTS will hold ‘Art of the Year’, ‘Song of the Year’, ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘World Wide Icon of the Year’ at the ‘2019 MAMA’ held in Nagoya Dome, Aichi, Japan on the 4th. I took all four subjects up to ‘(Worldwide Icon of the Year)’. In addition, he won nine crown titles, Best Male Group, Favorite Male Artist, Worldwide Fan’s Choice, Best Dance Performance Male Group, and Best Music Video. As a result, BTS won the Grand Prize 9 times in the ‘MAMA’, and quickly changed to the throne with the largest number of awards (6 times) held by EXO. BTS fans are waiting for the “ 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards ” (2019 MAMA) to be held outside Nagoya Dome in Japan on the 4th. Nagoya AP / Yonhap News On the other hand, BTS attracted attention by saying that it was aimed at suspicion of manipulation of music chart which was recently controversial in the impression of the award. After winning the Song of the Year award for Boy With Love, Jin said, “The negative way is good, but how about making good music in a more honest way. ”He said. This can be interpreted as the sound of BTS’s bitter voice related to the suspicion of ‘sound source Sagigi’, a ripple in the music industry. Hayes, who won Best Hip Hop & Urban Music, also made a better music environment in “****”. I want to lose. ” BTS with all four trophies was especially grateful to the fan club ‘Ami’. After winning the ‘World Wide Icon of the Year’, RM emphasized in fluent English, “I think the people who are with us today gave us this award.” J-Hope said, “I was a boy who only danced. I became a member of BTS at Big Hit, learned from my friends, and made my debut while working hard. Jimin thanked Jimmy Fallon of NBC’s Jimmy Fallon Show, who gave her the “Album of the Year” award. After receiving the last merchant ‘Art Artist of the Year’, Sugar said, “The last year’s ‘MAMA’, the members cried out. It was a moment to think again. After a year, we grew and became stronger. ” BTS also swept four targets in the Melon Music Awards (MMA) 2019 Imagine by Kia, which was held on May 30 last month. At the end of the year and at the beginning of the big awards ceremony, attention is also focused on how the bulletproof Boy Scouts will set the record of ‘Sweeping the Target’. The group Twice won four crowns with Best Women’s Group, Favorite Female Artist, Best Dance Performance Women’s Group and World Wide Fan’s Choice. Rookie of the Year (ITZY) and Tomorrow by Together (TXT) were taken side by side. X One won from ‘Produce X 101’, which is suspected of voting manipulation, but won the ‘World Wide Fan’s Choice’ but was absent from the event. Yonhap News
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