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Mega-Zoff at the Deutsches Theater in Munich: Monika Gruber is allegedly insulted by the boss. Another well-known artist is part of the dispute. Zoff at the Deutsches Theater: Monika Gruber never wants to perform there again.                 She was insulted by boss Werner Steer, writes the cabaret artist in a letter to OB Reiter.                 Theater boss Steer vehemently disagrees with Gruber’s presentation; Annoyance there is another well-known artist.Update from December 4 2019: Another famous Munich artist has trouble with the German theater. Musician Roland Hefter accompanied Monika Gruber on October 3 as Einheizer when it came after the show to a scandal (see first report). Hefter had apparently already suffered the wrath of Werner Steer. Opposite image formulated the theater boss serious allegations. “My technical manager told me, Hefter sticks unannounced posters next to the stage,” says Steer.Mega-Zoff at the Deutsches Theater in Munich: Monika Gruber and a colleague pissedThe Munich songwriter had subsequently refused to take the posters and the employees of “He showed him the contact of Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter on his cell phone and said, ‘Do you know that, this is my personal friend. You can not do anything to me ‘”. OB rider had granted Hefter in the run-up to the municipal election 2020 a place on the city council list of the SPD, as * reported. Of Bild confronted with the allegations, Stapler weighs down: “That’s a lie! Total nonsense. That I know him (Reiter, d.Red.) Is no secret. But that I should state with him is ridiculous. “Also a luxury car apparently plays a role in the theater Zoff. According to Steer, Hefter has parked the Jaguar of the restaurant boss. The songwriter (52) does not want to let this accusation stand either: “I’ve asked before that.” Munich: Monika Gruber allegedly insulted by theater boss – He contradicts: “A joke” First announcement of 3 December: Munich – Monika Gruber never wants to perform again at the Deutsches Theater. This has the cabaret artist from the district Erding Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) communicated in a furious letter. “Such a rude, rude and indiscreet behavior has not come my way in all these years”, it is quoted in the letter from the picture quoted.To prehistory: With their program “madness” Gruber guested on October 3 2019 at the Deutsches Theater. Chef Werner Steer is said to have demanded by Gruber advance sales lease for their fan merchandise – the artist did not want to comply. Controversy at the German Theater: Monika Gruber will never perform here again “Then Mr. Steer refused (…) the place in the foyer for the autograph session including merchandising sales,” Gruber writes in her letter to OB rider. The decision of the theater boss they then also communicated to the audience – what Steer apparently did not taste. After the performance, it should have come to a scandal. During their announcement, Steer also audibly echauffiert for the public, it says in Gruber’s letter: “The Gruber, the stupid cow, the spins well. Cashed 70. (***************) Euro and then shows up like this. “Munich: Monika Gruber insulted after appearance? Theater boss tells a completely different version. Opposite image Steer vehemently denies the Vorwuefe. He had never banned Gruber’s merchandising stand, but actually demanded the sales lease. “Everybody has to pay”, clarifies the 60 – year old. The accusation that he described Gruber as a “stupid cow” makes Steer still angry: “A joke. I never said that”. He had only expressed that Gruber’s allegations did not correspond to the truth. The theater boss can not seem to explain how it could come to such a scandal. “Monika Gruber and I have known each other for years, we never had any problems. She is a great artist, we like to have in the house, “Steer tries to smooth the waves afterwards. Steer was also in the debate about football world champion Mesut Özil in focus. Actually, Monika Gruber has every reason to be happy: The rush for the tickets for her appearance in the Olympiahalle (11 December) is huge. But technical problems drive the 48 – year-old to white heat. * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.                 Category list picture: © picture alliance / dpa / Tobias Hase
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