Queen Elizabeth II admonished her daughter Princess Anna during a conversation with Donald Trump. It got awkward

            Queen Elizabeth II is doing well despite earlier reports of her poor health. On Tuesday, it hosted leaders of the NATO alliance in Buckingham Palace. She was accompanied by prince Karol and Camilla, duchess Kate and duchess Anna. Queen Elizabeth II rebukes Duchess Anna while welcoming Donald and Melania Trump, Queen Elizabeth II had a short chat with them. At that time, Duchess Anna stood at the threshold of the room, waiting for her turn. Queen Elżbieta II finally called for her daughter. Body language experts believe that the queen wanted Princess Anna to join the conversation with the presidential couple. Princess Anna, despite being summoned by the queen, shrugged and decided to stay in her place. And here, too, the experts came forward with the thesis that she probably waited for Donald Trump and Melania to step aside, because it was not right to approach her and disturb her during the conversation that had already begun. The attitude of Duchess Anna could only suggest that she could be impatient. Below you can see the whole situation: Check how the queen presented herself at the palace meeting. The fact is that the presidential couple could wait for Princess Anna to join the conversation without leaving her behind. Nevertheless, it’s funny how 93 – the old girl urges her 69 – a summer daughter. SEE: Queen Elizabeth II published her first post on Instagram
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