Nominations for the Austrian Film Award have been announced

The shortlist for the presentation of the Austrian Film Awards in 16 categories on 30. January is fixed. As in recent years, the gala will take place in Grafenegg, Lower Austria, but with “Extras” for the tenth anniversary of the award. In total, 38 Austrian films plus 18 short films have been selected Registered. From these, the current 441 eligible members of the Academy of Austrian Film have selected the nominations in recent weeks in a secret, notarially supervised election process. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, it will be a new, 17. Category, give: “Most popular Austrian movie”. The film with the most nominations for the Austrian Film Award 2020, namely ten, is “Little Joe” directed by Jessica Hausner. Seven nominations include “The Ground Under Your Foot” by Maria Kreutzer, six nominations went to “Joy” and “Nevrland”. The final winners in all categories will be selected by the Academy members from the nominations in the coming weeks. The final result will be on 30. January 2020 in the auditorium Grafenegg announced in the course of a big gala.’Congenial relationship ‘between film industry and ORFInstalled the event by Mirjam Unger, moderated by the actress Salka Weber together with actor and director Markus Schleinzer. Motto of the evening: “Green Film”. On the occasion of the anniversary of the Academy, its president, director and Oscar winner Stefan Ruzowitzky will give a jubilee speech. On the occasion of the announcement of the nominees, ORF underlined its role as a player in the domestic film industry: 13 nominated films were co-financed by ORF under the Film / Television Agreement. ORF program director Kathrin Zechner spoke of the relationship between ORF and Austrian film as a “great, exciting, enriching, and happy relationship”. Films are “the face and voice of a country and the movie is the supreme discipline”. At the end of January, the ORF programmed a focus on Austrian film on ORF III and numerous other channels.
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